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That's bullshit. Took one phone call and a half hour wait to get a covid test. For free. Guns are hard to find now and prices are skyrocketing.

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"Why can't I restrict guns as much as I can restrict medical supplies? Stupid founding fathers!"

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It is a stupid argument. We should take a moment and talk about price. How much is a COVID-19 test? How much is an AR15? Go onto any social media platform and offer $1,000 to anybody who will pick you up and take you to get a COVID-19 test and see how easily you are able to do that. By this same logic, why is it easier for me to get a house than it is for me to get a job? Why is it easier for me to buy a can of corn than it is for me to grow my own corn? The argument is shit both ways and these things (medical tests and firearms) should not be compared under the same overhead light.