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The logic seems off. Guns are the answer before even checking if it is your business?

[–] HbMcNutt ago 

If theres a good firefight going on, count me in! /s

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Looks legit.

[–] Otter5000 ago 

So if a group of people band together and take out your neighbors 1 by 1, dont you think that's pretty dumb to say "nope none of my business". Just because your head isn't on the chopping black doesn't mean you're not on deck for it.

[–] JJNova ago 

Is it an act of aggression?

[–] Otter5000 ago 

Yes by by the next step down it says "is it any of my business"

The issues with these beliefs is that no man is an island. Historically people have ALWAYS grouped up. Family unit, multiple families form a clan, multiple clans create a tribe, etc. You aren't and never will be a "one man army", you will die to other people who group up. How do we know? We've seen this played out constantly throughout history and human development.