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I think it's because people conflate their rights, wants and needs.

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Even if it is a right, who's gonna build it you fuckin' idiot? Oh, people working.

[–] fusir [S] ago 

Which is a horrible hell that nobody should have to experience.

IDK, I've long said that the fairest way to judge isn't equally, but according to their own judgements. I would be morally OK with forcing him to work for other people, as long as it's for "needs." At least what he identifies as needs.

[–] SIayfire122 ago 

Exactly. They believe every basic need is a right. Sure you have a right to own and obtain basic needs, but that doesn't make it free.

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Isn't that exactly what we do for niggers?

Free food, free clothing, free shelter, free education, free health care and NO WORK.

This shit's got to end.

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I actually agree with the first post but for completely different reasons. Why work for someone else to get money to buy those things when you can build your own house and grow your own food? Work for yourself doing odd jobs or get a part time job. Buy the tools you need and go for it. I did it, I'm an idiot, which proves it can be done. Stop being a wage slave and ditch this "modern" lifestyle, it's the kike version of life not the white version

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The shortest good response to this shit:

You mean, like slaves?

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So what you're saying is that you want slaves?

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I think you guys are missing the larger issues here, like cost of living, inflation, low wages etc. When you look at these numbers over time it's no wonder people don't enjoy the same types of work we have for decades at least in the US. Its like being an indentured servant. Besides why would you support large corporations with your labor, rather than a local or small business. One where you know all the people of the company or they actually live in the town they serve.

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No the larger issue is "hours of your day" would be thrown away crouching in a hunter's blind trying to procure a meal if it wasn't spent toiling away for cash to trade for foood. If you want to be on your own be my guest. As soon as a larger group of people with more guns then you want your stuff you're dead.

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I don't think that's it at all, also spending a lot of time hunting doesn't sound bad at all. What does a larger group with more guns have to do with fair trade of labor? I'm not advocating for being on my own or not working, I believe working actually sets you free mentally and spiritually. I'm talking about not being a fucking slave for small Government taxes or corporate servitude. I'm not even sure what you're talking about.

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In the words of the guy from Office Space; "You don't need a million dollars for that. Loo at my cousin; he's broke, don't do shit."

Know how you can tell this person is lying? They could give up everything, and walk into the woods today.

"They'd do anything."

Go embrace reality, zombie.

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Sad how disillusioned this one is, though that assumes that they had the capability to comprehend an alternative view, which they never have apparently. I used to say reality will hit them hard when it finally settles in. I no longer consider that a possibility for a great many of them. Chaff blown by the wind to and fro.

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