[–] The_Moistiest_Jew ago 

That image gets smaller every time it gets posted.

[–] turtlesareNotevil ago 

They didn't even remove the sod. I bet the soil underneath that sod is filled with pesticides to, probably nothing but grass can grow there.

[–] fusir [S] ago  (edited ago)

There is also cardboard between the grass and the dirt.

It looks like really good soil. If it's potting soil then they spent some serious dough on a failed project for how little money we know they have. If that is dirt plus manure and they had it shipped in by truck, someone there has a good eye, but for some reason that person wasn't around to make sure it wasn't wasted.

Those are the only kinds of dirt I can think of that are that dark. I'm guessing it's potting soil so major expensive waste.