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We don't have a democracy, we don't have a republic. We have a Lobocracy, sounds like lobotomy, means organized political lobbyists write the laws and bribe your representatives to propose and pass them. And the sad thing is that it is a breach of contract to fail to corrupt the government. That's right. Corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders and all these Non-profits, NGOs, Unions, ect have the same obligation, to maximize returns toward the stated goal of their founding charter, for corporations that'd be profits, and everyone else that means gibs. If you run a business with shareholders or a union with members, you will be sued if you fail to corrupt the government, and replaced by someone who will. That is the intractable game of politics, that is why these pigs fight over the teat of the taxpayer sow.

Make corruption illegal and throw the Attorneys General in prison if they fail to prosecute elected criminals, bribers, and other perjury/predator/parasite behavior. Until then, not only is corruption illegal, it's mandatory.

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The moral of the story is don't be a sheep. Stop those that seek turn you into sheep at all costs.

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Monarchy is the only answer

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We still have some measure of liberty, because the sheep are well armed.