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Socialism appeals to youth simply because, with the exception of the 1%, of course, they're forced into an uncaring world with little more than the clothes on their backs once they're no longer considered children. From there they see a world owned by people that were born at a time when there was literally 1/4 of the population not to mention the lack of inflation, rampant consumerism, etc. and see themselves as unable to have their patch of earth and live the white picket fence dream life that was promised to previous generations if only they worked hard. They see it as so utterly helpless that the only way they truly believe they can have any quality of life is by forcing those who have it and seemingly horde it for themselves to give up a piece of their pie. They don't see it as much theft as they do a fairer redistribution of resources without which they get nothing anyway so for most it's not like they've got anything to lose but a whole lot to gain from socialism.

Now when you look at democracy objectively it reduces the smallest unit of a nation to the individual which means individuals are going to be voting in their self interest. That's why politicians appeal to people with tax cuts, increases in welfare, etc. instead of trying to inspire a nation by saying they're going to spend 10% of GDP on getting the space program fired up with the goal of making us a multi planet species. As a result of this self interest society inevitably decays into full socialism and nothing, not even limiting our population to lessen the competition on resources or limiting the voting rights to fathers only will stop it. It will definitely slow it down but until we come up with a set of hard politics that are proven to promote a sustainable population and society in general that cannot be changed without getting say 90% of voting fathers to agree to that change, people will always vote towards socialism.