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The way I see it, the state are the 'real' anarchists.

Unlike Libertarians, the state doesn't hold itself accountable to any kind of ethical system. It has laws, and a constitution of course, but collectively, it has omnipotence over what those laws are and what the constitution says. Essentially, it gives itself free rein to do whatever it pleases in our lives.

Libertarians don't see that as right. We know that when people are put in positions of such power, they are undoubtedly going to abuse it, become corrupted by agendas or irrational or hateful ideas. And when that happens, it only ends in deep tragedy.

Libertarians hold themselves, and others, to an ethical system. It's not a system that can be changed by people on a whim, or only applies to certain classes of people. It can't be corrupted by agendas, or irrational or hateful ideas.

It's the very definition of being ruled by laws, and not people. The only real, 'chaotic anarchists' are the statists who don't see a need for an immutable ethical system, and grant themselves the power to write and change laws as they please.