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ANONS ban the "UK Government"

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Well, seriously. I like Trump and I know that fake news IS real. However, the term IS synonomous with "disinformation" which is a far better term to use in government publications and policy documents. They aren't banning the term, just trying to preserve the dignity of the government by not letting its literature become overrun with populist slang. Honestly, I think we ALL should adopt the term "disinformation" but "fake news is catchier so it took root in popular culture...but it should stay there. I like my government, if nothing else, to speak in more dignified terms than common people...and no, I'm not jabbing Trump - he is doing exactly what he should, and needs to, do when speaking to the public - speaking the language they respond to. But I DON"T want to see the term "Fake News" appear on any executive order or legislative proposal.

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