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Classical liberals could realistically believe in converting the king to their view.

It no longer matters if u convince a few top officials because no longer has anyone the power of abdicating the government of monopoly powers.

The president cannot dissolve the protection monopoly

Impossible for libertarians to infiltrate public education system. Established Academia cannot be of any help.

Top down can’t work: no energy should be spent on national political contests. Need bottom up.

Use of democratic means for undemocratic libertarian private property ends.

No resource should be spent on reforming established university systems. The established education and academic systems should be systematically defunded.

Can win small districts. What to do with these small districts and how to deal with national govs

  1. Attempt to restrict right to vote on local taxes. Only property owners must allowed to vote and vote be proportional to their property.

  2. all Public employees and welfare recipients must be excluded from voting on local taxes or local regulation matters.

Wealth and income will increase, public employees will diminish. Once local fiscal crisis happens, all public property will be privatized and given shares to matching tax payers.

Without compliant local authorities, will of central government is hot air. With enough local, can resist.

In the beginning as the first, Instead of direct confontration, use passive non-cooperation .

I cannot hinder you, but I won’t help you. Only obligation is to local constituents.

In local opinion, it would appear unlikely that government would try to occupy a locality that only wanted to mind its own business. To occupy a few freaks is one thing, to occupy a large number of upstanding citizens is another.

As number of localities increase, their boldness inscrease.