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"They don't play well with us even though they'll tell you they do. They don't check in with us, they come and go as they please," said Andreis, referring to these outside forces entering the fire zone.

They're probably sick of dealing with your shitty, slow way of doing things. Fuck off, unionist cocksucker.

Only to a commie would people taking care of their own selves be "controversial."


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Exactly. Notice how the main problem in their reasoning is: they don't report to us.

They come and go as they please

How dare they do what they want?

There wasn't even a hint on how helping to fight the fire would damage the gubmint agency's efforts. I'm sure they'll find something eventually.


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If poor people did it then they'd be calling it a heartwarming example of community action.


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oy very when u have to ancap but u still have a state up ur ass