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People don't realize that by persecuting someone without a valid reason they open the door to persecution of themselves. Smokers, 60W-bulb-lamp-users, lawn-non-mowers, child-car-seat-non-users, hate-speakers, pork-eaters, etc. Most of the people fall into some category that other people don't like.

It may appear that there will be a moment when there is no new ban or regulation needed and everybody is happy but in fact this will never happen. Ban after ban, regulation after regulation, people are putting themselves into smaller and smaller cages. Every regulation isolates people from each other. Only one who has really limited demands (eat, breed, entertain) might be happy in such society.

People have zero empathy to each other. E.g. anti-smokers think that smoking is just a filthy unhealthy habit and it is not a big deal to quit it. I have never smoked but my dad and granddad used to do that. I know that there are feelings related to smoking. People pass the time, they are having the pleasure breathing in/out the smoke, throwing stub in a fancy way, pretending that they look cool with cigarette, etc. They don't violate any human right, they don't do any harm to anyone, so please leave them alone.


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This dude is such a basic bitch ancap it makes my ears cringe.