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Congrats on posting before the cut off time. This is the last time. Future posts, unless they are archives of posts where you said you are leaving, they will be deleted.


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Personally, I'm surprised that in your entire rant, you never mention the fact that the ad portrays you as what is basically a black Jesus, instead spending the entire time talking about "the Jews are in power, and they are trying to silence me!", just as you always have.


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Black Jesus.

Brotha Jesus.


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Honestly, its a wonder if Amalek actually left, but then someone else came posing as him and spamming stupid circle jerk threads onto Voat. We don't have IP banning, although that would create more authoritative moderation so that's not a good idea.


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Holy shit that would be the biggest troll of all time.

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No, he still links to the same "random wordpress site" and "mobile Wikipedia pages" with just the web address (no hyperlink), still doesn't do that much in-depth research even when he claims to "be extremely knowledgeable" or "have spent years studying them", still has the long rant about Jews invading every single aspect of life that he doesn't agree with, still clings to small quotes from Jewish people that sound to him like confessions of their secret deeds, and still thinks that he is being singled out by a force of secret Jews to be kept silent.

It looks like the same old Amalek to me.