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As long as you avoid the room with a moose, you should be fine.


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My walnuts!


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https://archive.is/Rszup :

Moose licking salt off car had 'kind eyes,'' says Banff couple - Calgary - CBC News

'A Banff couple had a front row seat to an unusual wildlife encounter this week. '

'Alberta Parks is also asking people to report any aggressive moose encounters, however, Malan said their moose was "very gentle."', "The moose then meandered over to the couple's truck and starting licking away."

' "We're pretty mindful of the wildlife in the area so we wouldn't have continued had we not felt safe."'

'Theresa Malan and her husband were driving through Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, about 130 kilometres west of Calgary, when they spotted the bull licking salt off another vehicle parked on the road. '

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