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Just to let you know OP we do have a v/niggers sub.

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https://archive.fo/4yTcE :

Man is accused of raping a goat in Malawi (though he claims he asked the animal's permission first) | Daily Mail Online

'A man has been accused of raping a goat in a field - after asking it permission for the vile act. ', "He reportedly claimed he had asked the animal's permission first to have sex with it.", "The animal's owner initially suspected Kennedy Kambani was trying to steal the goat."

'But when he returned with neighbours to nab the 21-year-old they caught him having sex with the creature in Malawi, Africa, he told police. ', "And earlier the same month twisted brickie Feselani Mcube, 33, was convicted of raping his neighbour's pregnant goat in his bed in Winterveldt, South Africa."

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