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https://archive.fo/PIFHK :

Man accused of beating diplomat wife charted with assault

'The man accused of beating up his British diplomat wife in their Midtown apartment attacked her because of what she wore out of their home that night, prosecutors charged at his arraignment Tuesday night. '

'The doorman of the building called 911 when he heard shouting coming from the apartment, prosecutors said. '

'Cops wanted to arrest Amroche on the spot, but were blocked because of his wife’s diplomatic immunity. '

'The UK waived his diplomatic immunity on Tuesday, and Amoroche was taken into custody.“We take domestic violence seriously and we’re glad the UK accepted our request to waive diplomatic immunity,” City Hall spokesman Raul Contreras said. '

'She works as a secretary for a UK diplomat to the United States, and met Amroche, who is Moroccan, when she was stationed in his country, it was revealed in court. '

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No name and no picture of the wife.

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Could have been much worse, he's Moroccan.