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The site is invite only.

Also, avoidance of falsifying information is not a prerequisite, as I am not considering research on how to document for a report part and parcel of the report itself.

I'm editing this comment to clarify that I do not think creating a burner account to bust up fucking Stasi is wrong.

Yet another edit... Upon checking recent/past activity on my wireless router, I see that a neighbor to my right has connected three devices--all accessing my 5 GHz band--explains why my expensive service has been so slow.

One appears to be an ACD. I might as well kill myself, since he must be abusing the privilege of being a butt buddy of local law enforcement... Almost as if they're so ballsy to provoke me into a cyber attack. That would be entrapment, and I'm not stupid.

I've never given them my wireless password, let alone router access code... Why the fuck would they connect to my network without my permission, yet with a device that not only has their full name and deeper information, but also MAC address? Now I'm staring to laugh a little.