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Keep defending kikes fucking over their employees faggot.

Thats right kikes keep downvoating, thats all the power you have here :)


[–] KingMortales ago 

You're getting downvoted by waiters, not kikes. You realize if servers were paid fairly then your food would cost more, right? You're basically just stealing from waiters the same way you would be stealing from the restauraunt if you payed half your bill and walked out.


[–] Humansized ago 

Im not stealing anything thats fucking retarded logic. Idiots like you are the problem. Again. ITS NOT MY JOB TO PAY YOU IM NOT YOUR EMPLOYER, IM PAYING THE PRICE ON THE MENU. The food cost as much as they think they can get away with charging, it already cost me $20 for a burger and a beer(dont get me started on how drink menus never have prices on them). If you accept a job for fucking $5 an hour how are you going to get mad at somebody for not pitying you and paying extra for you to just do your fucking job? thats entirely on you and the kike you work for. Ive worked in the food industry i know exactly how it works. Demand a fair wage, dont sperg out because other people arent idiots and demand they support you. I bet you think sales tax is the consumers responsibility as well and again, not just kikes passing their costs off onto you.