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C'mon Navi, it's time to defrost Radeon prices a bit.

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Hoping Vega 20 will do that some. I really need to upgrade my gaming machine soon.

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https://archive.fo/uDfwB :

AMD hands TSMC its entire 7nm portfolio: Vega 20, Zen 2 and Navi right around the corner - TechSpot

'It trashed its 14nm development in favor of licensing it off Samsung, and now it has announced it has ended its 7nm node. '

'Papermaster said "Our work with TSMC on their 7nm node has gone very well and we have seen excellent results from early silicon."'

' With TSMC, AMD now has the weapons to fend off its biggest competitor, Intel. '

'Mark Papermaster, CTO of AMD, has announced that the company has finally leveled out its GPU and CPU development and unified everything under a single manufacturing node, at 7nm, handing TSMC the keys to the kingdom. '

'In the meantime, TSMC, the backup fab for AMD, not only delivered where GlobalFoundries failed, but managed to overtake Intel in manufacturing technology, and this has paid off. '

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