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It's clear to me that Mossad were responsible. Only explanation for how Israelis knew in advance.

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Israelis worked for the moving company that transported the Saudi terrorists from California to New York.

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It's clear to me that you are an idiot.

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I'm really starting to doubt that you used to be @CujoQuarrel

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I think we can learn something from Skyking, flying the plane isn't the the hard part, it's the landing you need to be careful on.

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Skyking was a demonstration in remote piloting of airliners. He wasn't on the aircraft.

Even if they didn't have remote takeover on 9/11, wouldn't they specifically put in a remote takeover afterwards to have an option to prevent hijackings?

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We've had remote control aircraft since WW2. There is no difference between rc'ing a model and a full size plane.

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Allah must have really wanted that investigation to get buried.

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https://tweetsave.com/caseyhitch/status/1039336623069114368 :

Casey Hitch on Twitter: "Who can forget the 270 degree, 8000' descending corkscrew turn that the "terrorists" completed in order to crash the 757 straight into the budget analyst office investigating the missing 2.3 TRILLION dollars from the DoD.

wait... is that even a plane?

#911Truth #WWG1WGA #QAnon… /RI47ltF0U3"

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No plane hit the pentagon. That building is arguably has the most cameras of any building anywhere, if there was a video of a plane it would be on continues replay 24/7

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CONGRATS!! You are an idiot.

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Yes you are and more that likely a shill.

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That's a very small 757 with tiny wings.

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Been studying 9/11 for quite a few years now. I have found many people are now aware of this research data simply because there is too much disinformation out there. Have a look and study it. #911Truth #WWG1WGA


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The way you put it, that is nuts.

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