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Ethan Ralph is a fat faggot and a pedophile.

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OP… who the fuck would move there? It's been destroyed. It's a third world shitshole/warzone with a future conflict inevitable. The jew is either trolling or wants you to go there and die. Anyway, this is some eceleb bullshit. Fucking 'jewish coach' haha what shit are you watching? Something between breaks in Tel Aviv? Who the fuck else would bring us this utter bullshit but a dumb jew?

[–] 18705885? ago 

wouldn't get into a serious relationship with a slavic girl if you paid me. i mean sure they are so pretty and exotic looking, but culture wise the differences are too great. the old adage that slavic men feel sorry for westerns guys because they have to put with western women and vice versa is true.

[–] 18705151? ago 

The religious D&C is picking up on multiple boards right now. Plus, he gave his hand away with the Leftists' "muh evil inquisition" narrative. He just filed the serial numbers off.

[–] 18705147? ago 

Ukrainian women are as tough as a bucket of zinc anodized nails.

They can be good looking in youth but they hit the wall hard.

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I honestly CAN'T FIGURE OUT what happened between Jackson's knowledge and hatred of international financiers and NOW…WTF happened that people don't know and understand the real history of the planet? Was there some sort of amnesia or spell put on humanity. I can't fucking figure it out!!

Whe used to know EXACTLY why our nation was valuable and then we


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If the founding fathers cared so much they would have excplicitly banned masonic/jesuits and Jews from entering, like they did in Norway for instance. And don't tell me the Norwegians were more exposed to the Jews and the jesuits than the Americans.

[–] 18714459? ago 

Maybe they thought they were 'the good' aspect of masonry and that they could never be infiltrated?


I don't know if the Mud Flood is real…one of the things that struck me hardest about the Mud Flood theory, and it FLOORED me because I grew up in a place where the tree stumps where as large as half a house was that the trees are so young in Russia. I mean, it is absolutely striking. I can't think of anything that would explain this readily (not that I have given it a lot of though or anything) I just can't shake that image of those young trees. It reminds me of what is due to happen in the US soon…same thing. I know because I have seen the SAINTS emerging from safety and there is not a tree alive that is larger than a sapling, just endless rolling fields of grass with a 6 month old tree on it. The entire Earth is quiet and at peace and there is only a handful of chosen humanity left. Now whether or not they will make the same choices, AGAIN (breeding with animals to produce subhumans and corrupting themselves with vice)…I couldn't tell you. Why are the two basement windows highlighted?


I wasn't going to go there because looks fade for all humanity. That is why we look on our youth and are proud of their beauty, but I thought exactly the same thing.


Ok sonny, thanks for the heads up, have a (you) what would i do without you.

[–] 18705143? ago 

Is the "Mud Flood" a real thing, and does it, as hypothesized, have anything to do with the global collapse of Arya reign?

I've noticed a lot of what once made some logical sense, has been shoah'd, and instantly replaced with nonsense.

(pic related) Can't even find any good Mud Flood on Architecture pics anymore!

I fucking hate Ashkenazi vermin.

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No, it’s jewish psychosis. The city of Chicago, for example, was picked up on giant mechanisms an entire block at a time and raised 10 feet higher to get it above the water table to keep it from flooding all the time. This happened with many cities in the Victorian era. Any “pictures” of that retardation are likely doctored versions of these events.

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Remember to subscribe, goys!

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OY VEY!!!!!!!!!

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