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just build your own parallel society bro

How naive are you, OP? ZOG cracks down hard on milquetoast civnat fraternities like the fucking proud boys with fucking RICO charges. It's near impossible to even keep explicitly pro white websites afloat in this day and age.

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He really was a baller

I love what he said to the Black Nationalists when he started an alliance with them. "Sure we call you niggers. But we do it to your face! The Jews and commies do it behind your back". What an absolute wrecking ball

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I'm sure /biz/ or /lit/ has a leadership books graph. Get balabolka text to speech and download the books. Listen at 2 to 2.5 speed and you can finish a book a day or two.

Or you can stay here and reply to shills accidentally shitting up the thread yourself. Reminder shills fill every thread yelling at each other to increase the noise to signal ratio.

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Here's what works. Groups need a leader. It cannot be run by the club because it will get subverted by stupidity. I tried the democratic process and it failed miserably. These people that shit it up with stupidity and ego need to be uninvited by the leader. If this doesn't happen it will get subverted by other forces as well. Additionally, boomers are terrible to include, so be wary. They shout 'nigger' without really contributing anything. They are inflammatory and vacuous. Concentrate on the positive. Support, learning, your tribe, and traditionalism. It will take it's own life and turn into a church group or something else useless if you dont have clear control. Do it a lot and fail, then you learn how people are.

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This is highly useful advice actually. Hadn't thought about it this way in fact. Thanks

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"We" being the great collective of anyone who isn't a kike/shill/salty loser like you FAGGOT

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Well aside from the "you'll sit at home and do nothing goy!" jab, there are a lot of people past this to the, I'm looking for like minds.

We are looking.

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better solution:

the left will crumble anyway and crawling towards the wealth the right created.

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Idk, using the ZOG platforms makes the whole thing funnier. And it's become clear that the hilarity of all of this shit is key to the propagation of the whole "movement" or "/pol/ phenomenon" or whatever. ThoughtCrime is funny. ThoughtCrime is disruptive. If ThoughtCrime is isolated, then it is doomed to death by edginess.




As for IRL meetups, these are foolish and completely unnecessary at this point. If someone wants to do something, all of the tools are at their disposal. One of the first things everyone needs to learn is to SHUT THE FUCK UP IRL. Study every insurgent organization ever and you'll learn that people keeping their faggot mouths shut is more important than "1488 Netflix".


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