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these people have different thoughts and opinions than us

this is bad

who do they think they are having a place to congregate and talk with other people that also have different opinions than mine

this is unacceptable

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Fighting 8ch is equivalent to fighting an inbound genocide.

< Attacking people who oppose white genocide is fighting genocide.

The mental gymnastics are mind blowing.

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What would expect from hypocrites that virtue signal how not racist they are, and then go on to shout out racial slurs against whites, like "nazi" and "redneck"?

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You can also include the anti-trump faggots like >>12709350

But yes, OP brought us cringe material from the left or was it just an elaborate shitpost from /ourguys/?

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The future is genocide, the question is whose.

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true. libniggers are too shortsighted to see this. multiculturalism WILL lead to genocide at some point, it's just a matter of who will win. The ultimate weapon against the brown hordes is themselves, of course. while fighting this massive race war, whites will of course not be willing or able to keep taking care of billions of 75 IQ apes, and they will kill each other with disease, hording, anarchy, and general chimping. Think of what the carrying capacity of the world is when whites are not supplying any support. Think of the brutal nightmare hellscape that absolutely will be most of the world at some point. Africa is a paradice right now compared to how bad things are going to get without whitey to baby sit densely packed hordes of savages all stuggling to survive.

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reality isn't what it is!

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Denying leftist charges that you want their genocide

Why? I, for one, do want genocide. I don't trust anyone who doesn't.

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They will no doubt take this as a compliment and object only to the fact that they’re “wannabe” death squads, insisting that they’ve already begun. This is true of course.

Rent-free, boys

Sites like 8ch represent paradoxes. They’re both dangerous and completely nominal.

Kek, paradoxes. I thought that was a myth

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they think we haven't been working over the Qoomers

they steer normies towards qresearch's seemingly tame grandma-tier posters

they're suddenly presented with our normie-tailored propaganda among facebook memes

woopsie doopsie

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Wow, this antifa person would get a iq boost if ze got a brain transplant from a cat

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Everything I post is political satire.

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I fucking hate niggers and I want to lynch one so bad

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Don't let the shutdown stop you FBI.

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ask not what the fbi can do for you, ask what you can do for the fbi.

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