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ID ought to have changed again

well, as there haven't been any "macro" news…


35 killed during protests, all by firearms and 850 persons detained. Stats from January 23 to today.

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They have to kill Guiado. The have to do it.

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they couldn't even bring themselves to detain him (technically they did before he formally took the presidency but was released minutes after), at least part of the government is scared of what could happen if they mess with him but who knows, as the regime keeps getting cornered diplomatically and monetarily they could take some desperate measures.

Also the fucking gall of the pope worried about "blood being spilled in the future", obviously he doesn't care about the over 20 thousand murders annually, or the hundreds of people murdered in protests, he only cares about the blood of "comrades".

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wtf I love foam parties now

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I don't get it

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Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran neocons on my image board

What fucking timeline abuse caused Qmers to somehow dominate chansites?

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that trump guy won the elections and said some edgy things, and now these retarded fags think theyre the second coming or something.

oustide of autistic rants and shitposting they dont even have a politial progam, so they try to infiltrate and freeload with authentic political platforms.

ofcourse when they get faced with the truth they just start shitposting again and you get threads like this where its clear (((who))) the enemy is, but they just fall for the most basic shoah anectdotes

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reposting tldr from previous thread

some country doesent want to be an IMF bitch like the US

US pulls sanctions and an embargo on them

for some unknown reason the economy gets worse

people flee said country

<hurr durr its cuz dey led by a dictator

<hurr durr we gotta give em democracy

back a coup in said country

push it into a civil war

more people flee

<hurr durr its cuz they fighting back against democracy

coups succeds, some neoliberal fag puppet is put in power

sells the countrys resources and companies to "US investors"

economy collapses even further

more people flee

<hurr durr its cause of the socialist leftover system

the absolute state of neocohens on this board

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some country doesent want to be an IMF bitch like the US

Both the IMF and Communism are owned by the same kikes. All damage to Communists is good.

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venezuela is owned by (((them))) because they happen to be utulising a centrally planned economy

thats why the (((US))) is attacking them

are you shills even trying?

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You know the CIAniggers are involved when the state department and all the usual suspects support a movement.

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Is the so-called Interim president a former goldman sachs employee?

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Thankfully Russia is based and opposes ((Regime Change))

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For transparency's sake, I'm ac583a and 281687, keep getting blackouts over here


Russia doesn't oppose shit, they just don't want their illegal debt to go unpaid, by constitution debt has to be aproved by congress, but for some time now maduro has been issuing debt unaproved (which includes the goldamn sachs debt) and debt with russia and china, so if there's a regime change there's legal basis to rule that shit null.


truthfully it's hard to know, everyone around me blames maduro AND chavez and are aware right wing government is needed to stop hyperinflation and these levels of corruption but I just don't know how representative of the population at large this is, the big majority of people are already tired of maduro, but from those I don't know how many blame chavez there could be maybe 1/3 of those that don't, and if they don't blame chavez they pretty much don't blame the destructive leftist policies he applied so, by extension they are still under the communism kool aid.

There needs to be a huge economic literacy campaign in this country (and most countries, for that matter).

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now it's 30 days instead, top fucking kek http://mppre.gob.ve/comunicado/venezuela-eeuu-acuerdan-oficinas-de-intereses/

for extra patheticness https://twitter.com/JULIOCESARRIVAS/status/1089248079298072576

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Top jej, filthadelphia soyboys chanting in Spanish. They clearly know they're misrepresenting themselves, love seeing them shrink when called out. Reminds me of when you call a jew a jew and they shrivel pouring salt on a snail.

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I don't speak poverty, what are they yapping about?

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