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Anything P&G produce, there is normally a shop brand version of it. Maybe not exactly the same but it's not P&G.

All else fails, you could try and make you're own of some things. v/TraditionalHousewives have recommended alternatives like this for febreeze!

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Jesus Christ intelligent people don't use shit like Fabreeze or filthy expensive (garbage) razors. Another instance where you grandfather's generation ruined the fucking world and great GF and before had common fucking sense.

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I just use piss, and for swiffers, broken glass. I sometimes call the police to report a fight and then when they show up I fight them until they promise not to press charges and say "uncle". I keep a pillow under my gun.

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And I ride a bike without a helmet because evolution means we'll adapt to being knocked off of bikes eventually.

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What I see is the Deep State trying to take away masculinity in our world to make everybody snowflakes. What's wrong with being a masculine man? What's wrong with being a feminine woman?

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It's stupid take on it. Companies asses risk when they make controversial ads or ads with political statements. They knew they would lose money. All though technically it's illegal for companies not to make a profit, I think it was more about making a political statement or stirring the bees nest. I believe they are all trying to rile people up into a state of frenzy with intention, either to set the stage for civil war or whatever. Could just be another attack on masculine white men or something who knows. They knew what they were doing though that's for sure.

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The better take i think is that for the last 5 years gillette has been taking it in the teeth as far as razor sales and every ad campaign has failed (such as the welcome back ad). So they turned to feminism to sell their shit.

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I was one of the few that hadn't left yet. Bye bye felicia.

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Jokes on them. Phalophobes dont like to shave.

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And underage kids dont need to shave, so way to eliminate the people who would use your product. Manly men have epic beards, while others like Barack just have beards.