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https://invidio.us/watch?v=H8ZeWDEBzoc :

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Debunks Myths About A 70% Marginal Tax - YouTube

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he thinks AOC is going to even touch (((The Rich)))

I'm LMAOing at your life!

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Because they know it will never pass even thought hey can live off even 5% of their wealth. QTDDTOT, nigger.

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It's simple, because loopholes exist or will be created for those lobbying for it to escape from but their competition and enemies will not have that luxury

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I was just told that the 70 percent marginal tax is not a flat tax.

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Did they just choose 70% so people can't say that the democrats want to tax you by three quarters?

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Because they are monopolists who can afford that rate and will further entrench their monopolies by throwing ever increasing amounts of red tape in front of their competitors. Most of these companies you think of already probably receive massive tax breaks. If what you are suggesting is that these corporations are altruistic and want to raise taxes for the betterment of society - ask yourself how them just donating their proceeds wouldn't have the same effect without needing legislation. Now you know.

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