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You can see from this chart that there are entire sectors of the US economy that will be completely scrapped with absolutely no harmful effects to the other sectors:

15.353 million jobs in retail

3.037 million jobs in IT

8.366 million jobs in (((finance))) and (((insurance)))

17.566 million jobs in (((the professions))) and (((academia))) (this includes (((lawyers))) and (((accountants))) but also includes aryan jobs like Engineers who will not be scrapped as they actually do useful things.

and a whopping 19.241 government jobs that could easily be gutted once the federal system of government is dissolved. For the purposes of this estimation, I am assuming that the "federal" government will stay roughly the same size in terms of jobs as it will have to administer the entire continent without the existence of those millions of bureaucrats that once filled countless posts in local government. If, of course, would no longer be a 'federal' government, but just a 'central' government. The administration of the emperor or king of Amerikareich.

Jobs like education and recreation and construction will still probably exist, just in different forms. In fact, they will likely grow in size, due to being 'less efficient,' but higher quality and more sustainable.

The total jobs to dismantle is 63.5 million out of the 150 million jobs in the USA, in conjunction with a reduction in the population from ~375 million in the USA presently (hard to know due to dishonesty on the numbers of illegals here, but estimated through analysis of the amount of housing available in the USA multiplied by average household occupancy) of the 45 million "legal" spics + 30 million estimated illegals, plus 37 million niggers for a total of ~250 million people. A good third of those remaining mostly white citizens are boomers who will either die in the civil war or in the transition period, bringing the final population of the USA to around 150 million people served by 86.5 million jobs. In other words it will result in a net increase in employment, which shouldn't be much of a surprise, but may be to some who are still infected by the gabidalism mind virus.

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Hello /eco/. How should we transition the USA away from industrial civilization once the civil war is won.

I think we'll need to factory farm horses to get the population up fast enough to put every white man on a horse. The standing population of cattle will probably be sufficient to feed the population once we purge the tens of millions of spics and niggers from the country, freeing up resources.

How and where should we house the population during the dismantling of the cities? I think we should make leather and felt yurts from the hides of the animals we slaughter. Should we preserve mechanized petroleum-heavy agriculture to grow feed for the animals during the 'burgeoning phase?' I think we should, as I expect it to take 10 years minimum to shift the entire economy of the USA towards sustainability even with aggressive policies like factory farming.

We need to get as much of the economy back in primary sector food and mineral production as possible and out of their office buildings and makework jobs.

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Is space travel feasible under Eco-fascism?

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Sure. Ecological friendliness is not the same thing as luddism; the important part is to couch short term damage in future benefit and the outlook is extremely long term. If building a space elevator would take years, billions of dollars and an ugly environmental toll it would still be worth it if doing so meant that we could massively slash resource extraction here on earth. Same thing with nuclear power; developing and constructing thorium reactors might be a long and expensive process and have associated costs to the environment like any new tech but their potential in the long run can not be ignored.

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Hard to say. In theory, space mining and fabrication of inert space matter would be ideal for preserving the ecology of the Earth.

As for synthesizing kerosene rocket fuel, from nuclear power, it could be easily done which would eliminate all emissions. The real matter is probably the mining, refining, fabricating, and rolling of aircraft aluminum into rockets and tanks and specialized engineering equipment with the help of a robust engineering corps. What kind of support industries do they need? Can it be done sustainably?

I would like to have a space elevator and orbital industry and dominate the Moon while restoring North American forests and plains, but keep in mind we'll be attacked and maligned by the whole world after the civil war. An orbital tether will just be a big target for the rest of the world to sabotage.

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Do any of you have experience or knowledge on mobile homes? I've always wanted to live simply and travel a lot, but I want to know if its a good investment.

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The only people I know who own RVs are boomers. I looked into some to put on land in place of a permanent structure (temporarily). They are overpriced as fuck because they usually have TVs Blu-Ray and the the other gay shit contrary to the purpose of downsizing or travelling. If you want something like this, go with:

Tiny House

Hipster-faggot soyboy as fuck but budget-friendly and highly customizable on a 20' flatbed trailer.

They are limited if you want to expand though, as you could with a permanent home.

Teardrop Trailers

Small, comfy, cheap. But also limited and likely temporary as well.


Yurts are based but again, hippie aesthetic and expensive if you buy one custom made. Army A-Frame tents that are similar are like $7-12000.

Aim for ownership and permanence, homes and cabins can be cut and built on the cheap with the right investment on acreage with water and with limited experience. Keep it simple.

Dick Proenneke built a cabin in Alaska and lived there for thirty years. There's a sick doc on how he did it by hand as well as his book "One Man's Wilderness". Also tonnes of other works on simple self-sufficient constructions for you or a waifu and kids.

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I think one of those small, wooden cabins that act as trailers are the ones I'm interested in. Surely by adding in a few solar systems you could power the most basic electronics.

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There need to be more Eco Fascist social clubs etc. I would love to trek with fellow minded people.

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seed bombing with invasive species

Do not listen to these anons, they are your enemy. Take the time to study up on your local ecology and pick the most resilient and fast growing native plants and seed bomb with them. Doing this with half the plants listed will end up turning your native land into American Forests. Don't become American Forests.

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good thread op have a bump

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