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he's Jewing again

European culture came from fucking EUROPE hence the name

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Not completely untrue.

The word Aryan comes from the word Iran. Caucasian from Caucasus Mountains.

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in a ways, if we go even further back Europeans may have one time come from lands around Egypt and India, even the white man is said to have evolved from Africa if you dig back far enough, it does not mean Europeans are Africans

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It's sorta of true but there is nuance. The middle east pioneered a system to organize societies and tribes into cities and empires that has mostly remained unchanged even now.

People of the Mediterranean took these ideas and organized their societies but instead of using their new political prowess to mostly subjugate others, they invested in improving themselves and establishing trade.

European culture spawned from the synthesis of middle eastern and Mediterranean ideas. For thousands of years, the Mediterranean was defacto center of European civilization. It has only been in the last 500 years that Germanic tribes took up the mantle creating a new synthesis and redefining European culture.

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I think it is safe to say that Jordon Peterson is a ZioZombie faggot and what he says is worth a little less than the deposit I make in the toilet each morning.

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Just because Islam wrecked the Middle East and Arab's genetics doesn't mean that was always the case.

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Not mine...well, not wait...I'm a CHristian...So yes. What's bad about that?

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where does the babylon smut industry come from ? https://www.voat.co/v/AnonTalk/2686741

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