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I know the Japanese and I consider it a safe country one of the most safe on Earth, that is not to say there is no crime, there are certain turf wars between local Yakuza the Yamaguichi gumi being the largest mob family who control the City of Osaka however no mobs wars ever spill out into the general population, it is typicall only one gangster killing another gangster. Also there might be underlying elements of ultra-nationalism weird people who still see the Emperor as a godly perfect spiritual nation leader, they dont suffer Christian guilt & never really went through the same guilt or trials that German did after WW2. Japan is typically Japan always has been Japanese, nationalistic and anti-immigrant even the main party the Liberal Democratic Party or LDP is not actually Liberal but conservative. The old ultra nationalists still have power and connect inside the so called 'liberal' parties, I find Japan ok as long as you don't think too freely and don't stick out like a nail they might hammer you down. I think they kinda admire, begrudge and respect Whites at the same time, maybe the two atomic bombs did that to their psyche? They got ongoing culture wars, have historical issues with Taiwanese, N.Koreans, S.Koreans, Philippine, Chinese, Indonesians etc they also have a kind of caste system inside with the Ainu, Burakumin and atomic bomb people... When their population declined, economic output stagnated they took back people who left as immigrants to S.America generations ago, Japan and Brazil The Nikkeijin they are kinda half Japanese half Brazil-Nigger were supposed to work in the factories but now are living in troubled areas. You typically see a few Congo Afro Negroid Nigerians around the central stations in Tokyo alongside Jew Zio Kike gangsters and Iranians selling drugs or some pirated dvd mini fake game or something, typical gangster gypsy people i think there was deal for oil that allowed these criminal roaches in ....its very rare to see foreigners beyond Tokyo...the J-Koreans got a bad deal after WW2 some were taken as slave labor, they now speak Japanese, pay taxes in Japan after 3 generations and some are still denied citizenship. If you do not make big noises or bang out splashes and waves, if you say konichiwa, hello, be respectful, when you leave say saynonara! You will get a lot of passes being a foreigner but don't push it too far! whatever just be polite they will in return be polite to you. That said the ultra-right-nationalist or 'Uyoku' is real https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uyoku_dantai In the 1990s the Mayor of Nagasaki, who broke one of the nation's taboos by saying Emperor Hirohito bore some responsibility for World War II, was shot and the Jpn police arrested a ultranationalist.

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N Korean nukes?

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Botswana - Representative Democracy. Presidents are elected, as well as their Parliament. Judiciary is independent of executive and legislative. 9 districts. Least corrupt country in Africa. No homos. Capital Punishment is hanging. one of the fastest growth rates in per capita income in the world. went from super poor (60s) to upper mid class (current). Some resources are diamonds, gold, uranium, copper, and oil. Majority Christians.
tldr; close as you can get to a Wakanda in Africa

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What's up with Mongolia?

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I think they are ok, most i met seem fine sometimes there is an element of thug like nationalism to them where they don't like outsiders, Russians, Chinese whatever? Crime in Mongolia has increased in recent years I'm not sure why, I think most are maybe just street fights, vandalism or muggings I think the homicide rate in Mongolia is probably low compared to other countries. I think they are just a tough hardy people living with some poor circumstance I don't believe there is anything wrong with them, in sports they compete well in Judo, Boxing, Japanese sumo wrestling etc

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Even niggers can do well with a good constitution. http://www.commonlii.org/bw/legis/const/1966/