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Those kids think she's joking. I feel sorry for that woman having to watch her Country and it's people being destroyed. She could go to jail for this video.


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This video makes me sad every time I see it.

This woman as lived and seen 80+ years of the world changing.

She saw her country suffer defeat in the first war, then rise up under the banner of Hitler and become prosperous.

Then a second defeat, resulting in the murder of thousand of German nationals.

She lives on, watching the lives of her children and grandchildren and her country become degenerates.

She still remembers a time when she was happy, when the future of her people was bright.

She toasts to the man who made it possible, and she is laughed at by her family.

She toasts again, more laughter, her grandson whispers in her ear to stop saying his name.

He doesn't understand, hes been indoctrinated to see The Führer as a evil man, its the only paradigm he knows.

She raises her glass a final time, Heil Hitler.

Her grandson smacks her arm down, no more laughs from her family.

Her head sinks in sadness, knowing that her family and country are lost forever.


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tis a fate worse than death... seeing your kids turn into degenerates...


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Rest well elder, dream bright dreams of what could have been.


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I like her more than those laughing off camera.