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"Por Amor Viviremos"


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"Love Will Keep Us Together" was the title cut and lead single of Captain & Tennille's debut album, although "Captain" Daryl Dragon originally hoped that honor would go to the duo's rendition of "I Write the Songs". The single rose to number 1 on both the Billboard Easy Listening chart and the Billboard pop chart, staying atop the latter for four weeks starting June 21, 1975. It also hit the top of the 1975 year-end chart. In the US it was the best-selling single of 1975. "Love Will Keep Us Together" became a gold record and also won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year in February 1976.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=_QNEf9oGw8o :

CAPTAIN & TENNILLE ❖ love will keep us together (official video) - YouTube

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"Daryl Dragon, Captain and Tennille’s Captain, Dead at 76". Kory Grow. Rolling Stone. January 2, 2019.


Daryl Dragon, the keyboard-playing “Captain” of Seventies hitmakers Captain and Tennille, died at a hospice in Prescott, Arizona on Wednesday. Associated Press reports the cause of death as renal failure. He was 76.

As Captain and Tennille, Dragon and his then-wife Toni Tennille scored a string of catchy, easy-rolling hits in the mid-Seventies, including the Grammy-winning, Number One hit “Love Will Keep Us Together,” “The Way I Want to Touch You,” “Lonely Night (Angel Face)” and “Muskrat Love.” Dragon was known for wearing a captain’s hat and playing multilevel keyboards, as Tennille sang the hits and played her own keyboards. All but two of the albums they released in the Seventies were certified gold or platinum.


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The Way I Want to Touch You

This was the first song Captain & Tennille recorded. Dragon had worked with The Beach Boys and hired Tennille to tour with the band as a keyboard player. In 1974, they financed and produced this single themselves, and it was a hit in the Los Angeles area, leading to a record deal with A&M Records. When their first major label release "Love Will Keep Us Together" became a huge hit in 1975, "The Way I Want To Touch You" was re-released and also became a hit.

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Weekly charts

Chart (1975-76) Peak position
Australia KMR 9
Canada RPM Top Singles 4
Canada RPM Adult Contemporary 1
New Zealand 21
UK 28
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 4
U.S. Billboard Adult Contemporary 1
U.S. Cash Box Top 100 3

Year-end charts

Chart (1975) Rank
U.S. Cash Box Top 100 53
U.S. (Joel Whitburn's Pop Annual) 58
Chart (1976) Rank
Australia 64
Canada 45


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