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The privacy hysteria over Windows 10 is somewhat misplaced, but it's actually more dangerous than you think. It's about using your data to manipulate you, by offering different prices to you, possibly denying you a job, or increasing the cost of your health insurance. By collecting and analyzing multiple data streams, predictive analytics can create a profile to categorize you. This is how people end up on the no-fly terrorist watch list, without having any actual involvement or knowledge of anyone involved in any subversive activity. A computer makes educated guesses, and that's that.

For example, if you have searched for diabetes, but your transaction records show you've purchased candy or viewed sugary recipes, an employer may not hire you, fearing that it will increase their health care costs and you may have absenteeism. It's not a real person drawing these conclusions, it's just big data, correlated by third party corporations, and the reports they give to potential employers or anyone you're having a significant transaction with are provided under contract. It's a multi-billion dollar industry.

The examples below are just a smattering of things to give you an idea of what it's about:






Imagine a Christian organization (like a private university or hospital) that subscribes to a service that has a database of who has visited an atheist website, and based on that, without you even knowing why, they exercise their right not to help you or welcome you. This is the privacy danger, not so much about things like porn or criminal activity, but innocent stuff that may restrict your choices without you even knowing why.


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I don't care that Microsoft or Google or fucking spotify knows what I do on internet, I care about what they do with that information. If Microsoft could prove that it only uses all these information for its services and all is Anonymous, I would use the shit out of win 10, but we're not in a fairy tale...


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I don't care that Microsoft or Google or fucking spotify knows what I do on internet, I care about what they do with that information.

If they have that information, you should expect them to do the worst because you've already forfeited your information.


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Right on.

One thing everyone needs to remember is that data has to be validated for it to have value. Poison their fucking data well. Fucks the whole bullshit up.


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Google has been tracking your search history for at least a decade.


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The insurance part is dead on. A lot of automobile insurance companies are offering a "Driving Style Tracking Device" which you can install in your car and it collects data about your driving habits. Their argument is that they can offer better rate for "safe drivers" but methink it's all bullshit.

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The law regarding refusal of care only applies to the emergency department, and life saving treatment in other departments, so any elective or non-emergency treatment could be denied. Also when you get care, if you don't have insurance, or have high copays/out of pocket expenses, hospitals can decide to give you a discount, or in certain hardship cases, make your case a charity (particularly with religious hospitals) and their decision regarding this is not regulated by any law.

This is that law


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Finally, a post that does not remind me of that other site. Thanks for that.


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