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Felt like a hero for voting Democrat in.....Portland, lol.

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Their brain cells are drenched in so much soy, they can no longer even.
This lack of being able to even, has led to all sorts of binary, and integer overflow problems.
Not the least of which is going from 2 genders to 53.

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Actually, it shows up now on neuro-radiological scans, and it's looking like the Insula is probably the source of fantasy, delusion, true-believing, mesmerizability, and holier-than-thou-virtue-snivelling; whereas the Amygdala is probably the source of Common Sense & the Innate Inner Moral Compass.

These White shitlibs [typically descended from vermin such as Unitardians, Quakers, Wesleyans, Jesuits, etc] have Insula-dominant/Amgydala-submissive neuropsychiatric personality types, and when an outfit like the Frankfurt School moves to town, and says, "Jump, Goyim!", they all shout in unison, "How high massa?"

Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans


February 13, 2013

"Democrats showed significantly greater activity in the left insula, while Republicans showed significantly greater activity in the right amygdala."

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If for some reason America gets nuked from orbit into a wasteland or an asteroid hits the earth and kills everyone, I know it isn't a complete loss. Because at least this faggot isn't typing shit anymore.

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I pretended this was a story about returning his dvd to redbox. At least it was more entertaining.

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This faggot should have some premium salt on 11/4 - I'll have to remember to go back and visit him on his faggot site

[–] satisfyinghump ago 

imagine making a list of all faggy posts like this one with ops usernames so on 11/5 a support group could be created to reach out to each of them and make sure theyre still alive and feeling ok and remind them in another 4 years they'll have another chance to ruin their country/world...

[–] Caesarkid1 ago  (edited ago)

and then antifa came by and lit the mailbox on fire!

[–] version7 1 point 20 points (+21|-1) ago  (edited ago)

File under things that never happened. Seriously, people clapping for people dropping a piece of paper in a box? Give me a break.

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people are that bored

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people are that bored

To the contrary, they are enthralled by the experience of a CHARISMATIC RELIGIOUS ECSTASY which has been instilled in them by the Frankfurt School's new religion of Political Correctness.

Remember, modern-day shitlibs are descended from vermin like Unitardians & Quakers & Wesleyans & Jesuits & whatnot, and they're every bit as socially worthless and sociologically dangerous as were their lunatic ancestors.

[–] jqueso ago 

and accomplish little else with their lives.

[–] satisfyinghump ago 

sadly... in todays reality with how these strange leftist/liberals behave and think... i am far more willing to believe this is a true story (at least in the mind of faggy op....) than its some creative writing group-masturbation stunt.

[–] prairie ago 

Clapping until one of them drops that he voted for Trump. Then their fanfare over exercising their vote turns into hate.

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WOW! Something that "epic" happened and not a single photo, video or similar report coming from anywhere.

HAS to be true.

Yet some guy farts at a Denny's and there are forty-eleven vids that go viral.

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You know it's more leftist delusion, they said children were there. The left creates a world children can't live in because all their identity groups compete with them.

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even the children are out voting.

[–] AtheismIsAjewCult3 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

The left creates a world children can't live in because all their identity groups compete with them.

No, jews do that. White people are only victims.

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I did early voting today, every faggot there was masked except for me, bunch of retarded sheep.

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every faggot there was masked except for me

good for you, I have never worn a chin diaper once

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Wore one over the top of my head once and said I was jewish. I've got magic beans protecting me.

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If you vote for president you’re already a sheep.

[–] Norm 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

I was more there to vote on the "fair tax" amendment to the state constitution.

[–] Olivefigs ago 

How did you not get thrown out? Everywhere I go has mandatory mask policy, and they deny service or access if I don’t wear one

[–] Norm ago 

They ruled that they legally couldn't enforce masks for voting, at least my state.. of course everywhere else they want you to wear one

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Almost as melodramatic as these fucking Q faggots plaguing voat.

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Isn't the scene described what they wanted to avoid with mail in voting?

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Nah dude, didn't you read? They were wearing a piece of cloth mask so how could they possibly get a viral infection?

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Make Democrats Cry Again

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Looks like a troll post. Is that what the "honeypot" tag is about?

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That's how it read to me, too. I'm pretty sure it's satire (though whether to get a chuckle or a rise I don't know without knowing what sub and context it was in).

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