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I can't tell if that's insane genius or retard savant.

Because that pipe provides protection in multiple ways.

[–] BlackSheepBrouhaha ago 

Please enlighten me.

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Most nogs have no actual clue how to fight and are not actually that big or strong either.

So that stupid flex drain pipe actually will work as a basic armor. It also stops bodily fluids from getting on your arm.

Like others I want videos of this guy using the thing.

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/v/4chan is potentially one of the funniest places online ... all the half chan .. none of the aids

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It's like the highlight reel. It's great

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It has an internal grip for his hand and everything. It's like an autistic flail.

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People used to carry nigger knockers around in their cars for personal protection around here. Usually a sawed off axe handle. I don't carry anything, but then, I PRUDENT about when and WHERE I go.

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Even better than the metal arms hannibal buress wanted

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'Resistance is futile'

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I'm in the stone age.. I only have a couple "in case of chimpout" knives on my person

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