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My parents fled Eastern Europe when the Iron Curtain came down. This realization the Anon describes is very, very familiar to those of us who experienced those police states personally or through immediate family. Decent people who only wanted to live their lives with integrity were forced into the shadows. Good jobs, university education, material well-being, recognition - it all went to those who were politically on the side of the oppressive rulers. Being on the wrong side meant keeping your mouth shut, living with little, and working a crummy job. You knew that neighbors were reporting on your every move, you had no freedom to travel, and you lived in constant fear that you could be accused, arrested, beaten or killed by the ever-present secret police. You had no rights, and precious little else.

My father had a choice in the early days. His family was of modest means, and he could have joined 'The Party'. He realized that doing so meant that he might be asked to harm people one day, and he decided against it. My mother's family had no choice to make. Grandfather was a prominent patriot in times of liberty, and the family was vilified, had all its property confiscated, and was broadly persecuted. My uncle's business was nationalized and he and my aunt were sent to work in menial jobs in the factory they'd built. My grandfather was sent to dig ditches in his 60's and another uncle to mine coal. Higher education was denied to all the younger members of the family - for 40 years. My parents fled for a life of liberty, which for them meant not only freedom to live their own lives, but perhaps more importantly, freedom from demands to spy upon, or in any way harm those who disagreed with the government. What we are seeing here is a pale version of what they experienced.

So for us, sharing information or venting on a few internet boards is a small act of rebellion against the oppression of our politically correct times. When did it become necessary to complain anonymously? How many of us don't speak up at all, on the assumption that nothing is really anonymous or private in today's world? For my parents' generation, rebellion often took the form of black humor. Whispered jokes about the detested secret police were both biting and creative. Samizdat - a word from long ago now - translates more or less to independent publishing. Rebellious individuals or small groups managed to print out anti-government messages that were posted on walls in the dead of night. Anon posting today is akin to samizdat, with different penalties. Today's penalties are shadow-banning, de-platforming, etc. As far as I know, Anons aren't vanishing in the middle of the night after posting messages about love, honor and country. Our founding fathers knew the risks of too-powerful central government. They did their best to shield us from it. Our Constitution and government foundations are excellent. I pray that we succeed in dismantling the corruption within our government before we plunge into the abyss.

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If you're not familiar with him, Dr. Matthew Johnson does a lot of great work about the history of Russia and Eastern Europe. His podcast is worth a listen.

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I have not heard of him, but will look him up. I studied this area extensively many years ago in my university days. It was pretty difficult sometimes to listen to the profs, who even in the mid 70's were starting to lean left. One in particular was enamored of leftist coups. Coup d'etat rolled off his tongue with such delight. If it hadn't been so revolting it would have been mildly entertaining.

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what an answer! -i wd give 100+ upvotes on this if i cd —voices like this are needed now more than ever! —im aware of samizdat—unperson wd be the term i think most appropriate in describing the penalties— were living in orwells dystopic future

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Thank you. Pain lends perspective, if we let it. Unperson is a good description of this process. Other people become afraid to associate with an unperson, if they even know of the unperson's existence. Humans are social creatures, and relatively few are willing to stand alone. I sometimes wonder how many of our fellow citizens are secretly ashamed of their complicity.

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So for us, sharing information or venting on a few internet boards is a small act of rebellion against the oppression of our politically correct times.

Sure, there isn't a secret police that will seize your property and whisk you off to the gulags in the middle of the night. The big difference is that people deny that the silencing force exists at all, that it's all a giant conspiracy.

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That is true, and in the presence of an indoctrinated population our current situation has the potential to deteriorate.

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beautiful post anon

I get profound relief from reading accounts of people who experienced soviet occupation. That there are people alive today who understand what's happening.

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Thank you. We are have already lost many of those who lived through the tyranny in Europe, but by no means all. The countries of the former Eastern Bloc are fighting tooth and nail to avoid being over-run with 'refugees'. Those people remember what it is to lose their freedom. Unfortunately many teachers of the younger generation are ignorant or indoctrinated, and many lessons of history are being lost here in the US.

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I don't necessarily agree with this logic. 4chan did not restrict anyone from saying anything. Initially most of the comments were controversial and salacious because people could. The consequence was people were allowed to discuss the merits and drawbacks of practically every position. Over time the real things of value stood up to debate. This is why the left wants censorship. They know their positions are inferior and indefensable.

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Things of value only rise to the top of the dung pile if people are actually willing to have genuine discussions with each other. It seems that in times like these, balkanization can give us the illusion of good ideas rising to the top.

Remember to keep reading up on ideas on your own. Out of principle, we can't trust the circlejerk of pol, even if pol is always right.

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The Nazi shit is the definition of fighting the last war. Why bring up the Holocaust to correct the record on an event which the public only remembers from a movie with rollercoasters of death? Yep, it's fake. Most history is fake. Blacks owned slaves in America. There was no United India until a tea company introduced English Common Law. Rhodesia, South Africa, and Liberia are failed African States because they let Africans run it. Bankers form NGO international lobby groups to influence global politics toward a legible international credit system which is already the modern way to wage war and hold nations hostage (SWIFT).

The problem at the root isn't Jews, Women, Blacks, Bankers, ect. It's that you keep falling for their tricks.

I don't care about Jews, Women, Blacks, or Bankers. They go that way, I go this way. Don't serve your enemies.

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I think the OP was being somewhat facetious with that post and is saying somewhat the same things you are, which i agree with as well.

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The Counter Culture - we are the systems immune reaction.

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Age brings wisdom and truth. It exposes lies and the reality of what you were told to believe in your younger years. Most young people are under the yoke of requirements to server their bodies, their wants, and to fit in with everyone else lest they be rejected. Being young in modern america is prison and you are completely unaware of it.

My theory behind all the pedo scares of the 80's and 90's were to keep kids from learning from family and older people. The more you learn early on, the better you can guide yourself, learn from others, and pass down that wisdom.

The whole tired story of "my kid just won't listen to me now that he/she is a teenager" is bullshit. Parents are designed to give up control of their kids. The state programs the kids and they are partially mad because they have no structure or outlet for natural things that they want but their selfish sides deny them of. We survived for thousands of year with proper young adults. They like to say people married early in the past because they didn't live very long. Back then by the time you were 14, you were considered a man.

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Yeah, almost offed myself in 7th grade because I never really fit in. At all. Every word in the book was sent after me.

Funny, come senior year of high school.I hadn't changed a bit but ended up being pretty good friends with the people that used to make life Hell. Funny how it works. Once college came around I pretty much broke off from everyone though. So here I am. No friends, never had (and never will have) a girlfriend, but I have goals and I have this little place to hang out in.

Funny, as I've gotten older, even though I'm still a 19youngfag, I've started to see a lot of stuff that most my age really don't care to think of.

Now I'm unironically NatSoc, and see no reason to leave that position. God, family, race, nation.

Anymore, considering the fact I won't be having a family of my own, I'm waiting on a war that may never come. I'd rather die for something than rot in a nursing home with nothing.


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I'm right there with ya.... Also, being in shape and owning property seems to put you on the edgy side of the fence, so of course I'm focusing a lot on that.

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It was the only board not yet controlled by certain peoples who also own the media groups. So.. yeh.

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It's sad, but it's also empowering. It places a lot of responsibility in our hands to try to fix society.

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As JP says, you have no idea how important the things you do are. The good is exponentially good, and the bad is exponentially bad.

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As above so below. World is purposefully being turned upside down and inside out.

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