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Hey I know, lets take these nogs to europe where they will finally learn to act civilized!

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Do you have any more?

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I've had a little experience in this arena as well. It's common for hospital staff not to show up for work, so people needing emergency surgery just die. The suffering of a sick person doesn't seem to have any effect on most other people there. Nothing is maintained or repaired - once some equipment needs maintenance it gets thrown in a big trash pile.

For surgery, they'll use 10 year old rusty scalpels that were donated, and they won't be cleaned.

Food grows everywhere, so you can just grab the plant, grind it up and eat it with very little effort.

If a lot of people gather near you, you have to split or you're at risk of being mobbed - especially if they know you have some property. Anything you have is expected to be immediately divvied up among whoever is present.

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You live in South Africa?


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I never lived there, but I worked with a team of people who would work there at local hospitals.

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I love the ending; The only reason to visit if for the scenery.

You're going to endure all that bullshit for SCENERY!?!?!?!?

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Why can't we just kill 'em and take their land and enjoy the scenery without all the downsites.

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Because we, as a sub-species will not maintain our standards there. Our descendants need a place that requires them to plan ahead (Winter and Summer cycles), otherwise they're genetics will atrophy into what we call Negros. Although, there's nothing wrong with extracting the natural resources and a little sight-seeing. Perhaps we should let them continue to live.


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Technology may have nullified the environmental challenges that created strong people in the past. Now it may be easier to survive in a western country with no planning than sub Saharan Africa.

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Good story.