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Africa and Asia put 90% of plastic waste into the ocean.

It's because of the people living there.

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Plastic waste doesn't contribute to "global warming," though...

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Global warming is not only bullshit but more carbon dioxide means a greater potential for plant life to grow which restores equilibrium to the equation. Nature seeks balance almost no matter what you throw at it but the exception is niggers with plastic. If you dispose of it wisely like whites do where it's reused, recycled and even broken back down into oil, water and gas when we're done with it using plastic is fine. Niggers on the other hand just drop that shit wherever giving absolutely no fucks about the ground beneath their feet let alone the impact their actions have on the rest of the world. They're literally shitting up the entire food chain by allowing scene like this to develop and believing that the rains clean the land for them.


So global warming isn't the real threat to the planet, niggers are and we're exporting them everywhere because fuck it let's watch the world burn around us.

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Producing it does

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but that is mostly from the relatively prosperous countries like India & China,and not the worst hellholes from where most rapefugees come from.

[–] VicariousJambi 1 points 13 points (+14|-1) ago 

third world shit holes pollute more than the US does

[–] oneinchterror 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

Not in terms of GHG emissions, which is the basis of a "carbon footprint".

[–] MrShekelstein 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

china pollutes more than us by far.

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Wrong. China India and the others are far worse when it comes to pollution and ghg emissions. We actually use a fair amount of clean energy

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They don't care about actual results. They just want to be smug and feel good about themselves.

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Good Molyneux synopsis.

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Decaprio and Clooney flying in private jets while preaching at people

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Every one of their positions are laden with hypocrisy.

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>Fight global warming

>Relocate millions of savages residing in the third world where carbon emissions are low per capita to first world countries where per capita carbon emissions are high and give them free taxpayer money so they can begin consuming, reproducing raping immediately

Choose one, leftists. You can only choose one!

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Its essentially bursting the bubble/balloon(whatever you prefer) and creating a situation that could become toxic and explosive. The Greens contradict themselves because they have an overtly intellectualized and boundary less way of laying things out which allows for non-whites to infiltrate European countries.

It has to stop at some point but by the time the problem gets out of hand is when its too late to do anything but run or use force to kick the non-whites out of the country.

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