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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Edit: Here's the live thread for anyone super interested - http://boards.4channel.org/x/thread/22062595

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Saved! These are awesome. Thanks for sharing them!

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Best OP

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It's amazing how much of this relates to Asatru and how our ancestors practiced and believed this (though under different names). This is the racial soul at work

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Since I joined Asatru, I have had a number of experiences that one may call paranormal. Back when I was trying to be a Christian, it felt like talking to walls.

Oh, and runes work.

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I've thought about the idea of collective unconscience back in my tree smoking days. It seemed to me if you spent enough time and asked yourself the right questions there was almost no end to what you could figure out.

The racial soul is new to me and alarming. It would make 1448 nearly a divine mandate.

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tl;dr = Meme magic is real

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Imagine the irony that Pepe is one of the most powerful magical spells of our time.

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>Wake up in the timeline where a bunch of autistic and socially inept fascist spergs used collective sorcery to summon an ancient Egyptian chaos god and read portents via random numerological allotments on a Tajikistani penis gourd aficionado board to fight off a coven of communist jewish satanist cannibalistic globalist pedophile necromancers.

How....how do I get off this ride and back to my own timeline??

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Went to the Monroe Institute, a place to study consciousness, for my gateway program not too long ago. Met the man that a lot of those military documents are based on- Joe McMoneagle.

You are much more than just your physical body.

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I hear that's quite expensive, how was the over all experience? Have an OBE?

I'm a big fan of Bob Monroe and Thomas Campbell, working my way through my big T.O.E. right now and I've ready Journeys out of the body. I've also worked a little with the hemi-sync tapes, but fell asleep way too often with them.

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It was absolutely incredible! You come back with so many beliefs changed, that it really is a life changing retreat. I've never had an OBE but I lucid dream often, and since I was a child have been able to see things from other people's eyes- which I know now is a form of Remote Viewing.

I would recommend Ultimate Journey (Bob's third book) the most, as he has a lot more confidence in his experience and understands a a lot more of what he's experiencing.

Falling asleep, or "clicking-out" as they call it, is completely normal. It took 2 of the 7 days for me to get used to the practice. They also provide you with a lot of other mental techniques that really can be used in practical life. Being around other "amateurs" going through the same learning process is very helpful, especially to hear their insight and their experiences and comparing them to your own.

As a 20 year-old going back to a state university in a big school, it's very humbling to be blessed with this knowledge. Been spreading it through my family and friends. Rice Experiment & Emoto's Messages in the Water are best entry level things for this.

They didn't know it's exactly what they needed.

If you'd like, I can post pictures of my notebook from there. Took very detailed notes to show my girlfriend and family!

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Please don't enshrine any person as having certainty. It's all theory, and nobody knows anything for certain.

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This is amazing

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I was very very into this stuff for years. I know hermeticism, neoplantonism, racial soul, luciferian doctrine, and more. I came from protestant background, and I understand Catholicism.

This is all untrue compared against an Eastern Orthodox Christian worldview.

I know what you're thinking, ugh, Christianity is boring and cucked, it's probably a Jewish psyop anyways. Nope. The schism in 1054 is the first sign of Judaism in Christianity. No Christians learn history, so they don't know their own religion. Eastern Orthodox Christianity wasn't taken over by Jews until the last 150 years, western Christians gave it up to Jews as far back as 1054, or at best during the protestant reformation. Catholics created a problem that protestants didn't fix. Only Orthodox has solid ground to stand on.

If you want to learn the truth of the world and pagan religions including ufos, aliens, declas, psychic powers like healing, telepathy, and dematerialization/materialization, this is more new stuff. Christians have been recording it since the 4th century. Yes, "aliens" and "advanced technology" in the 4th century. If that's not a red pill, you're fucking lost.

Highly recommended reading that will change your life: https://m.box.com/shared_item/https%3A%2F%2Fapp.box.com%2Fs%2F65dhkgi0g1o0qeiexp0vdyt3q1hegced


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I certainly appreciate the links and your perspective. Only through studying these things have I come to respect Christianity a bit more. Christ had a lot of wisdom, but it seems most of the church has decided to teach "subscribe" instead of "embody". I am also pretty damn into a few other things, so it will be a long while before I can prioritize reading these things. I'm not gung-ho on any religion and am frankly pretty allergic to the stuff.

I would love to hear a summary on these two things and more about your personal story.

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There's a few things you say that I used to find myself saying as well and they are essentially logical traps we fall into and fail to see.

The reason the church has become about "subscribe" is because of the great schism of 1054. Before the schism, the church was directed by a patriarchy (by this time it became a pentarch, 5 leaders in 5 different cities, all founded by different apostles that directly walked and talked with Jesus, with Rome being "chief among equals"). In 1054, the Roman patriarch, said he gets to change doctrine as he pleases because he is the chief. This was unheard of in history. Everybody rebuked him. Didn't matter, he went his own way and since then Christianity has always been about "personal interpretation" rather than a unified worldview or coherent analysis of scripture and history, which is entirely possible and coherent among the Orthodox.

Really, classical philosophy was the biggest thing to get to me realize what is absolutely true vs partially or contextually true, which is incomplete.

So there are three components to a worldview: epistemology, ethics, and metaphysics. I believe these are absolutely connected, inseparable, and feed one another.

Epistemology- what is true? How do we know what is true?

Ethics - what is moral? How do we know what is moral?

Metaphysics- what is real? How do we know?

There are largely two schools of worldviews that everything can fall into: believing and unbelieving.

The believer, ironically, says, truth is absolute, external, and eternal, ethics is objective and eternal, and metaphysics exist and are actually real and there are objective differences with absolute good and evil metaphysics.

The unbelieving or skeptic worldview says: truth is relative to the being experiencing it, ethics is relative to the being experiencing it, metaphysics is an individual interpretation or human construct, possibly not even existing with everything being physical (measured by sense data, this would include your presuppositions on psychic abilities, even though there is "energy", I believe you'd say it's still a physical or "measurable" phenomena, correct? The believing worldview posits there are metaphysical/immeasurable things. See metalogic for more analogy and the differences between logic and metalogic, though I know middle path is well read :) )

Ugh, there's too much man. I'm sorry, but every worldview outside of this Eastern Orthodox Christian is absolutely the same thing at it's philosophical core and it is the root issue plaguing the west for centuries, causing the dumb masses to seek material possession instead of spiritual growth and long term treasures like family. I thoroughly understand the repulsion. I felt repulsed getting into this. Christianity has done so much weird shit and so many failures, by the east has a much different story than the West, and disincluding that from considering has always been the West's fault.

It's arrogance.

Fucking pride that the west already has the answer. That we have the newest best thing. That "the old ways are just oppressive". The only tradition in the west is anti tradition. The West has always acted like the entitled children of the world. Eastern history, Byzantium to Russia is astounding. See here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt6KJnMpu2BsowTjSIVMz4A

Do you like tradition? I notice everybody in the west that says they do forgets one thing about tradition: you don't get to choose what is tradition. This absolutely carries over to other worldviews: do you get to choose truth, ethics or metaphysics? Why do you think you control tradition too?

Ultimately, in Christianity, there is only one true tradition, Orthodox. And it's consistent and not internally contradictory like Catholicism and Protestantism. These two seem really weird to me now. I hope if you do go into, go into it with open eyes assuming you've never heard any of it before, because you will realize the other two taught you presuppositions you didn't realize you thought.

There's so much ingrained in Orthodox. Philosophy, prophecy, political ventures and even early church fathers discussing telepathy, aliens, and the signs of the end of the world, which in my view, across the whole world for the last 2000 years, seems to be the best explanation of who's fighting who.

So ultimately, in this political battle, the Qoomers think it's good v evil. And they are kind of right, most of us goats recognize it, even if you are a relativist. It's taken a while to see this, but maybe the easiest and most modern way of explaining this battle is that it's "tradition vs anti tradition". From the death of religion and monarchy to the death of absolute Truth and gender, the west has always been anti tradition, which becomes anti truth, anti philosophy, anti logic, anti history, anti math, anti objectivity, the things classically taught. It was tradition to teach these things. Modernity was the one to compartmentalize education and disconnect our thinking. Again, the completeness of the worldview is the beauty of the Orthodox worldview, it sets the contrast against things that are not Orthodox, I.e. chosen by the individual.

I'll finish by mentioning my own distaste for "organized" religion or some guy telling me what is true or not. Truth doesn't come from man. It comes from God. We can always question and explore, Christ says he is the truth and that not all spirits come from him and that we should test them. Okay, so he says test for the truth and we will find him. Should be obvious I'd have no issue with saying to read your OP, which I don't. I think there is truth to be found within, and Orthodox, unlike the heretical counterparts, will openly accept there is plenty of truth to be found outside Orthodox. We would just say they are partial truths, incomplete truths, contextually true, ironically, usually the very same things that smart people will say when they know what they are saying is incomplete but accurate for what they are aiming at.

Truth is a complete and absolute thing outside ourselves that we must constantly test to see if it's true. We do not make or determine truth. To do so is the root of heresy that leads to depression, sickness, death. I still don't exactly like some of these words like "heresy", but all that means is that it's "wrong" in an absolute sense, that maybe you can make it contextually work for a while, but in the big picture, it fails. Not about condemnation and separation. Notice how in the modern day, it's the prog liberals that think they determine truth and it's all relative, yet they are the first ones to deny an outside disproof? They are the first to condemn for not agreeing with "their truth"? It has been the same with Christianity since the beginning. The truth has always been waiting for you to search and search, and humble yourself that "maybe I don't have the complete answer yet" but rely steadfast in faith that "absolute Truth exists and is valuable and knowable" and I think over time it requires less faith because God (absolute Truth) reveals himself.

Sorry it's a little rambly. Lol. God bless you and your garden.

Quick edit: dunno if I've plugged Jay dyer, but he is really the one that directed me to the completeness of everything that adds up to the Orthodox worldview. Philosophy, debates, literature, geopolitics and secret societies, I got the most early on from watching his debates against libertarians and atheists. The transcendental argument is profound, yet it's Aristotelian and nobody (atheists/materialists/empiricists/etc) recognizes it. Fools. Here's one: https://youtu.be/7g4RN9FqpF8 jay has also done others though you gotta remember, the pacing on internet debates is erratic. There will be a lot of nothing then a 5 minute period where jay drops his point and leaves it while the other guy is still trying to understand what he's saying. These people come to debate jay without understanding his side, but he understands theirs. His debates were what won me over from libertarian European paganism of some sort towards first, the belief in God with an absolute Truth, then away from libertarianism, accepting more authority over society, then recognizing that the state and church together is actually the more ideal and traditional way, then realizing monarchy is actually the only way to achieve a stable society that protects against massive corporate and banking entities ruling everybody, to holding the fullness of Orthodox spiritually alongside the material evidence of history and practicality. It's a long path out of the west, and I hope you find it. You've always been one of the most open minded and reasonable people on here and we've had good conversations before. I notice for myself and others that find Orthodox, we see it and kind of pawn it of as old, or obsolete, or irrelevant, or not a big deal, or something, I can't explain it. It's a weird spirit of apathy that makes you think other things are more important. And when you start looking at it in earnest, it's slow. There's a lot of tiny corrections you must put your presuppositions through to not straw man Orthodox. But accepting those tiny corrections over and over at first in faith, merely to test out of its true, will allow you to build the picture and make sure there are no internal inconsistencies. Then apply it to the world and let the initial step of faith turn into a real world predictability, explaining the constant shift away from absolute Truth and morality towards relative individualism and compartmentalization. I was first and foremost concerned with "what is the truth that works against this manipulated slavery system that we've been trapped in for who knows how many years?" And that led me to "pre enlightenment classical philosophy in combination with tradition and monarchy to temper the banking oligarchs".

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they sell you a service not a product. if thats not jewish i don't know what is.

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this is fascinating information, thank you for sharing those links

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in your opinion which is the most accurate bible?

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The Orthodox study bible. https://www.christianbook.com/the-orthodox-study-bible-hardcover-edition/9780718003593/pd/003590?en=google&event=SHOP&kw=bibles-20-40%7C003590&p=1179710&dv=m&gclid=Cj0KCQiAj4biBRC-ARIsAA4WaFhw2Vujrdj827r874sCx31SnR6NDMLXwq97Kt7vjTjbm8GDz_N5zLQaAlZ8EALw_wcB

I know you're referring to textual reception, and really aside from "appeal to new", there's no reason to doubt that the tradition has failed in preserving the text. The skepticism is itself a lack of faith in this area. Historically, nothing should raise doubt that the masoretic and Septuagint are correct. More importantly, it's been a failure of man, not the church or God, to be confused on these texts or think there is inherent contradiction. The worldview of Orthodox aligns appropriately with texts and traditions. It's the west's worldview that makes this all confusing. False dialectics, appeal to newness, personal experience over tradition, how to approach tradition (protestants are terrible at tradition, ultimately that's what they were protesting, even though it was a Roman Catholic tradition, they were protesting an already skewed tradition to make their own on their own will. Again, who determines Truth, you or God? We study evidence to be certain of truth, but if you change tradition "just because" instead of through appeal to logical consistency and reproducibility, you're putting yourself in the position of God and really doubting that he has guided and protected his scripture through his church. The Orthodox bible listed above includes subtext that has proper Orthodox doctrine included and is probably the easiest way for any Christian to align their beliefs with Orthodox through faith. If you want a less faith driven approach, learn philosophy and logic, watch jay dyer debate, look at his loads of videos and check things from outside sources. Here's a great one explaining how we got the bible: https://youtu.be/zx3jNmuMTJA

And the relevant debate: https://youtu.be/VEXXTO4HkCs

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Holy fucking shit, today OP was not a faggot. This is amazing.

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Incredible post. good find OP! I take back most of what i said about your mom.

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Just a friendly reminder to all you Voaters that if the core of your beliefs is balance that you are a Satanist. There is no balance in good and evil.

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There are right actions and there are wrong actions. Nothing in between.

This is not the balance of which is spoken about.

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