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P&G sure is getting a lot of mileage out of some shitty ad.

Remember... "there's no such thing as bad publicity."

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"there's no such thing as bad publicity."

That was before current year leftists came about.

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Let's have a look at nfl attendance.

2018 total


2017 total


A measly 80 000 people boycotted the nfl?



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LOL we fall for it everytime - first Blackcock Rifle Coffee, now this.

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You are unfortunately right. Although I personally am going to try to boycott p&g it isn't going to be easy, and the average Joe won't even bother trying and I am one of probably very few. I am willing to bet more people will boycott just gillette than will boycott p&g because they don't care enough to look into it. I don't know what I am going to use instead of febreeze but I'd like to start looking into buying from the smaller guy more often. Like the mighty white soap guy. The soap cries out as it scrubs you.

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When I go shopping I make sure to avoid brands like that, I guess I'm in the minority on that. It's hard to do with the illusion of choice, but I usually end up sticking to store brands for groceries. Like I'll go to get my raisin bran cereal and say "nope, fuck kellogs, get the store brand its fucking raisin brand anyways it tastes the same and cheaper" I used to use gillette razors but will make sure not to get them anymore.

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"there's no such thing as bad publicity."

Nonsense. You forget about "The customer is king" / always right.

It's a horrible idea to insult your customers.

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Not when "money" is worthless. Not when you can pick up a phone and call your fellow tribesman at the world bank and say, Hey Schlomo, buy a billion dollars of my stock and I'm make another ad shitting on the goyim."

How do you think CNN can stay on the air when they are so obviously agenda driven? Fuck this monetary system. It's nothing but a kike tool of control anymore. It only took 100 years to gain complete control. ....The Creature from Jekyll Island now runs the world.

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If the competition had some balls, they would make a commercial so God damn manly and theatric that it would shame the fuck out of proctor and gamble. With fire men and headlines about them dying on the job underneath it, with the tag line: The best shave for men that deserve it.

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Swift-tier satire.

We need more like this.

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I agree. No bad publicity is just a rough guideline that doesn't apply in every situation. And I think it's superseded by "The customer is king". It's never a good idea to insult your customers.

gearing themselves more towards women

This ad is probably not particularly appealing to the 42% of women who voted for Trump. Especially not the 52% of white women who voted for him as the ad seems not only biased against men but in particular white men.

and then ran an algorithm calculating the expected customer base loss with new customers

I don't believe it. There must had been a way to cater to women and SJWs without putting their old customers down.

Make an ad with the slogan "Not just the best for men anymore - but for everyone." or something like that and show imagery of strong whamen and trans-women with a little bit of imagery of strong men so they do not feel entirely neglected.

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If it was up to Gillette he would be buying the 5 blade Fusion instead of the Mach 3.

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Must be an oldfag like myself. I've had a mach 3 since they released in 1998.

However, I'm never buying from them again. And trust me, I let them know why a customer for 20 years is boycotting them.

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Use the target brand cartridges . They fit well and I actually prefer them.

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Fucking masterful.

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I guess that's how some people see change, lol. I'd love to see that read by a feminist in real time aloud. Hahaha.

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