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my wife is an ethnic Jew

lol of course she is

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I thought it was a woman until that line... Then I realized it still could be.

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thought/thinking the same thing

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"interested in starting a third position" - I think he meant fourth

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Every. Fucking. Time.

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Those kids just don't want to be minorities in their own countries. They don't want to see their people raped and killed by savages. They are such evil people for resisting the destruction of their nation. Tsk Tsk.

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What the German OP would hear if they actually talked to those kids.

Its one thing to be a intolerant towards those holding different opinions. But to not even ask them. What is that ?

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That’s what they define as nazism though.

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It isn't even that complex with kids. Remember, kids have to be actively brainwashed into SJW ideology.

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The kids are rebeling from the SJW parents.

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If you want to read some more.

One that tickled my funny bone (concerned about the rising homophobia):

I've experienced the same hate. I'm a white male teaching in a 99% black/latino inner city school on the east coast. I referred to my significant other (a female) as "my partner" and the first response was "do you use that word because you're a faggot?"

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Not often do I agree with the browns but they hit the nail on the head. Using "partner" is for faggots.

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Hahahaha, based nig

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"My wife is a Jew, my kids are a little".

Sorry, pal. Your kids are going to the newest version of Auschwitz!

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[Insert Polar Auschwitz Express Meme Here]

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We may just have a chance after all. All of Germany needs to know the Truth about both World Wars , The Balfour Declaration, Hitler was and is a savior of the Whites races worldwide and he will be given his due credit when the Jewish Overlords are no longer in control. National Socialism is best viewed as the family structure applied to government. The family is connected by blood, by soil, and by love. Similarly, a National Socialist state is connected by blood (race), by soil (territory), and by love (comradeship, patriotism). Comparing the National Socialist folkish state with a family is a very basic way of looking at the way National Socialism is run politically

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That was beautifully written.

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Not sold on the socialist aspect of the deal.

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That's because you believe all socialism is bad due to marxism. Read Mein Kamph and you'll see in Hitler's own words why his version of socialism, which amounts to limiting the absolute profiteering of capitalists, isn't nearly the same as the kike's version of abolishing private property entirely. You may think that's still bullshit government interference but without placing upper limits on greed like that the free for all inevitably results in the vast majority of resources enriching the few instead of the people and therefor the country as a whole.

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The differences between National Socialism and the other political systems out there, one fact must be established beforehand, and that is that National Socialism is not simply a political system or a form of government, but a general philosophy, a "world-view" or "world-philosophy". It offers an insight into many spheres; political, philosophical, biological, and economic being the four major ones. National Socialism is a philosophy at heart, whereas Democracy is simply a governmental system. Many Reactionaries make the error of closely comparing National Socialism to Communism in terms of economical policy, when in fact the two stand wide apart from each other. It is also interesting to note that the Communists claim National Socialism is not socialism at all, and is in fact the purest form of Capitalism. In reality, however, National Socialism is neither Capitalism nor Communism, but takes natural and healthy elements from each one to form a more "centrist" style of government. Neither laissez-faire Capitalism nor bolshevik Communism have ever worked in practise, and neither of them will work because they are both two sides of the same coin. What we need, rather than one unhealthy extreme or the other, is a healthy median, a balance, between the two. The National Socialist state allows capitalistic principles, but not at the expense of the collective folk.

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German here. This teacher claims to teach in Cologne (ger. Köln). This city is the German equivalent of Sweden's Malmö: one of Germany's unsafest cities and full of shitskins and niggers. The German far-right is overwhelmingly "pro-Israel" and anti-Islam. It's the Muslims living in Germany who are attacking the Jews. Any outspoken white far-right kid in Cologne would be found dead or at least severely beaten in the school yard soon after the Muslim kids find out.

What this teacher is observing are shitskin kids professing their hate towards Jews, sometimes as admiration for the Nazis. This is not really the final solution we want though.

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It's not the unsafest city in germany. Berlin and Hamburg are worse. Hamburg has 58% prison inmates that are non-german and berlin has 51%.
Also Berlin Neukölln has huge amounts of shitskins and in some parts of berlin the police doesn't even arrest drug dealers anymore. (Gorlitzer Park)

North Rhine-Westphalia only has like 33% of non-germans in their prisons. (Although the number is probably higher, since germany doesn't keep statistics on race - so take that with a grain of salt.)

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Where did I say Cologne was the unsafest city in Germany?

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These are the people who are in charge of your children. If you have kids I implore you to remove them from public schooling immediately.

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