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my gf's sperm

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Gay Friend? Guy Friend?

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First regular faggots convinced themselves they can have fagg marriages, as though they are real marriages. Now even crazier faggots have convinced themselves they are straight by having one pretend to be the other sex.

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They should be barred from having children, holding public office, or voting.

Maybe Jews were just fags all along.

Huh shits making sense now.

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We're watching the slippery slope play out.

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I believe that gay divorce will destroy the gay community in the next 5 ears. It will be the financial equivalent of aids for them.

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But they're gay, why would they want someone who looks like the opposite sex? They are a confusing creature.

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They are only gay for the penis. hahahahaha

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Imagine having weaker sperm than someone dosing themselves with HRT and estrogen supplements.

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This guy gets it

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The power of soy.

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All the faggots I know irl don't want children even if they could conceive. They shall die off, and no one will care

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Faggots reproduce via child abuse. The kids that were fucked grow up to be faggots.

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I too have seen this but somewhere around 35 they really see how badly they've fucked themselves over and begin to want a family. The sad thing isn't so much that they'll never find anyone that thinks them worthy of having a child with but that adoption services see them like absolutely amazing people that are shaping the future in a more (HIV) positive way so giving them an unwanted child is the best thing ever and then they use these children to reproduce their faggotry into the next generation under the not so false belief of it being government sanctioned and not abuse.

Faggots really need to go back in the closet where they can keep their degeneracy to themselves.

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All they need is a boy whose eggs are still viable and they’ll be able to raise the next generation of uber-cucks

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He cucked himself to a tranny. If you're gonna do that, at least pick a passable jap trap, not that ugly beast.

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First fat female acceptable. Then tranny acceptance. Next fat tranny acceptance. Soon enough low-tier beta males, having no hope of getting an actual available woman, will be buying tranny boosts on tinder to compete for a half-passable transdude.

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Tendies, you always find these gems admist the mundane morass... Kudos!

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