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a wise dude once said, get radical, plan your attacks

and kill as many shitskins as you can find, kill them brutally and leave their messy corpse as a warning to

inspire others to do the same, Swedes got nothing to lose anyway

if a gang of sand-niggers can rape a 9 year old girl and get off scot-free i say we should bring vigilante justice into play

killing the Swede Zogbots would be a nice bonus too

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If you don't kill the Zogbots you're just playing and nothing else really matters. You're fighting symptoms not the disease. But I guess ya gotta start somewhere.

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Problem is we've all got family and don't want them to deal with the wrath of Zogged society in our wake.

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the Zogbots often do not have families that can be targeted this is probably by design

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It's time to bring the blood eagle to public places.

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"white supremacist attacks mourning Asian child at graveyard"

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If no police will arrive.
You know where you enemy will show up.
Use that to your advantage.

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Boomers are outraged that this isnt happening in america yet.

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Lol damn you got me there. Boomers rejoice!

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how many mosques are in minnesota

How many shiria courts

What percent are Muslim

Is there a local and organised group opposing this. Do they have anyone in thire council trying to stop this.

Is it going to get worse

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Sounds like the father has given up. He should grow a pair. I’d be so enraged I’d probably kill the shit by “accident”

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This is why any sane country needs to have a mob. Sometimes some people need to be made to just disappear.

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We need another Anders Breivik

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Someone needs to teach these swedecucks what vigilantism is

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