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look how focused i SQUIRREL!

i mean to be fair, you talk for 3 hours with no editing and see how focused you stay

literally watching Eddie Bravo interview as i write this


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Did you see the Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan on Flat Earth, loved that one

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He's right about the monkey's though. Fucking jacked to hell, imagine teaching gorillas about body building.

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Yep we'll never know the true potential of a gorilla at its peak. It's crazy man, reminds me of this bow hunting trip I went on.

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Put him on creatine and steroids too. I think they are vegetarian. So many ways to up their protein intake from basically zero. Even just a better selection of plants could multiply the protein intake.

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Yea I wish they trained a gorilla to deadlift, I wanna see how much it can pull.

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Now I want to hear about this bow hunting trip.

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He manages to get some great guests, I just don't like them interviewed by... Rogan!!!

STFU and let the person talk instead of always turning the conversation about yourself!

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Joe loves his monkeys

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When Trump was elected I noticed that the people who came out hard against him were people I completely distrusted anyway. It made me feel pretty good about my judgement regarding these characters. JR is a person I instinctively do not trust. I am going to go with the gut and say this guy is not our buddy.

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Lmao, that is eerily accurate.