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You could make a legitimate argument that /pol/ is the most effective Intelligence Agency of the modern era.

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After coordinating a bombing run on a ISIS training facility I think that's clear

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Just imagine what /pol/ could do if they had access to the same resources and data that the government does.

You'd have thousands of autists combing through papers and videos, cross referencing everything, just to find a thot who doesn't pay her taxes and her illegal boyfriend.

You'd have entire teams dedicated to solving mysterious cold-case murders just for keks.

Others would compile detailed lists and charts of every statistic they could think of, such as accurate crime data and every law that raised or lowered a particular stat.

Still, others might commit to auditing every police force just to see how much they get from traffic tickets and civil forfeiture.

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/pol/ works better because they have access to far more computational power than any centralized government.

A bunch of random assholes sitting at computers, some of whom are intelligent, some of whom are not. Everyone spews out shit.

Some people say worthwhile things, others do not.

Yet through the chaos and the clamouring, the best manages to rise to the top.

Weaponized autism is a powerful force in modern politics.

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stop im drooling.

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It killed me to press the check mark confirming that's what I meant to spell. Stop using nig words.

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You could also argue that the crash reconstructionist made those estimates on /pol/. You never know who might be lurking.

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Imageboards should be the new intelligence agencies, I truly believe that. They are much more effective and they're funnier.

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After He Will Not Divide Us, people should learn to never underestimate pol

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I May have or have not touched the Greenville tn flag. Let's say it's safe with some white power guys

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Can you show us on the doll where you may or may not have touched the flag?

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Why so clandestine? Did you touch the fucking flag or didn't you?

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Who cares. Keep your circle jerk details to yourself.

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Just that guys girlfriend had more than 10 miles of vaginal stimulation. Anons always do the math.

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Can we just replace our government with /pol/

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/pol/ are like the Mentats from Dune

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Mountain Dew is liquid Spice = Confirmed.

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Well, yeah. Where do you think the VA trooper crash reconstructionist got his conclusions?

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Anyone have any backgroud?

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No sure. But I assume they took the time stamp for two similar pictures. Estimated the distance the car travelled, then divided that by the difference in time.

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That's how fit would do it. Then you can just assume linear change in speed or try to model the real world breaking behavior which doesn't fall exactly linear

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How did a moving car manage to end up in an area where a protest was occurring anyway? Were the streets not closed?

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They weren't closed, idiot 'protesters' blocked off traffic

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Didn't they have a permit or something? The authorities knew that there was an existing rally and they knew where everyone was going to be, with separation/guided areas etc. If they knew all of this, how were cars, or this one car, at least, able to be in areas where they knew people would be? By design perhaps? Bad management?

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