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This is a complete and accurate diagram of how consciousness works.

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It would be better if the shadows were Marvel logo, a nude silhouette(pornography), and a McDonald's logo.

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idk how you'd make a silhouette appear nude. Except maybe if the dude had a massive boner or something.

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This poster should be on the wall of every university classroom in the country.

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The discouraging thing about the allegory of Plato's cave is that it's hypothesized that those subjected to the false reality would be so traumatized by authentic existence that they would willingly choose to return to the cave, that does not bode well for any real world analogue. Incidentally, I personally believe that we are making significant progress awakening those inside the cave, although much of that can be accredited to (((them))) pushing on with their plans too quickly and large swaths of the population taking notice and becoming informed.

We can do what we must but I truly believe that one can only be shown the exit, its up to them to make their escape.

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I can not wrap my head around Plato's cave. Even in college, I tried to have the teacherfag explain it to me.... nothing. It's one of those thing that will one day click

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  • "people don't like taking the red pill, but once they've taken it they want to give it to others".
  • "you don't miss what you've never had, but once you try it and like it you'll try to get others to try it".

the cave, the fires, the shadows, etc are all just because plato couldn't say "television".

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Got it

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That's right, they killed Socrates for talking about T.V.

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Clap clap clap

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Plato was essentially an idiot and believed that we should live in a world of pure forms, abstracted from the forms of reality. Its not just religion that has been locking us down but Platonic thought and it has existed in the religious form for some time and has a religious quality to it that is meant to keep man from becoming more fully enlightened about the world.

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So good!

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Perfect depiction, well done.

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