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Holy shit they're going to get eaten alive.

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Oh, the degenerates are going to get eaten alive on 4chan? Too bad 4chan is already degenerate far more than it is pol. 8chan with it. Hard to take it seriously as a site of ubermench when it is easily on par with tumblr.

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Yea I'll be watching for them for sure.

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Like hell they'll go to the chans. Reddit probably.

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Porn is rampant on reddit they will fit right in

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To my understanding Tumblr is basically a place for feminists to bitch, meme reposting, some actual artists, and porn.

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A lot of tumblr porn is quarantine worthy on reddit. So the chans will get some. But yeah, reddit at least allows the hugbox moderation they desire. The problem they'll have with reddit is default is a toxic hell hole that is the opposite of a hugbox.

I'm curious if any of them are going to turn up here. The parts that aren't reddit acceptable might try moving in.

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Didn't Hiroshomoot just launch a "safe-space" version of 4chan, called 4channel. AND place an advertisement on a busy road in California for the new site. He's doing the same shit he did to 2chan, but to 4. Two bombs wasn't enough i'm afraid

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Those are sfw, and /pol/ is definitely not that. That's the fun fact of the matter: porn has been shunted into spaces we control.

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Sauce on cool pic

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Top Kek <3

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It just returns Error 404: You are a faggot! when I type it in, please help.

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disgusting 3DPD

2D Waifus are the last stand of implicit whiteness.

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I hope they end up on 8chan and get triggered to hell and back.

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They'll just go to reddit like most of them did years ago.

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There has never been a more fitting description than, "Out of the frying pan, into the fire."

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