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Because the average German soldier had superior strength, speed and endurance

Oh nigger, please. I'm as big of a fashy goy as they come, but come the fuck on with this horse shit. Yeah, the 3rd Reich had a program of physical fitness, but you know....dosing your soldiers with massive amounts of amphetamines might have played a hand in that too. Just a bit

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You're arguing that the German soldiers were physically superior, but also had amphetamines. Is that it?

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Basically yes, but not 100% of German soldiers were physically superior. Some of them were scrawny lady-boys. I'm sure there were some French guys who were all into fitness that were strong, well built men too. Just that the 3rd Reich had a state sponsored system that encouraged physical fitness.

To say that 100% of German soldiers were 100% better physically than 100% of all other national armies is retarded. And the reason the Germans could blitzkrieg for 9 days in a row without stopping to eat or sleep had fuck all to do with their Hitler Youth push ups regiment and everything to do with the Benzedrine they were issued with their rations.

Look, I'm not saying the Germans weren't fit. Or that their soldiers were (relatively speaking) "better" than their European counterparts. But to say they all had these Adonis-like bodies and were able to march for 2 weeks straight simply because of their ethnicity is a bogus claim. Trust me, there were plenty of scrawny German soldiers with eye glasses and pencil necks too. Their strength came from their culture which valued personal improvement and the value of community over individuality, and a meticulous nature mixed with higher education and great training, not some magical blood line that made them demigods.

Which isn't to say the Northern European Anglo/Germanic/Celtic races aren't superior to the shitskins - just that you can't simplify these things down to such a basic assumption and maintain your intellectual integrity.

TL;DR = Yeah, pretty much but also ree

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Read up on tests of German war planes.

To give you a brief summary, all German pilots were instructed to undergo training and participate in sports. When the British tested captured German fighters they were surprised just how stiff the controls were at high speeds, and couldn't imagine how German pilots were able to handle the strain, and yet when German POW were given these planes to demonstrate their skills they did it without much issue.

Basically, German pilots had superior upper body strength to their contemporaries from other nations, purely out of necessity (German fighters did not have hydraulic controls). This is why a manlet like Erich Hartmann, flying a 109 (not the most agile of planes, had very stiff controls at high speeds) was able to score 352 air victories.

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Not to mention the soy (Nazi beans)

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Does the spirit of this cult live on in the likes of Crossfit?

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I like Pilates. It can make you really buff. Was invented by a German body builder to make people really buff.

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Umm, Teutons are not Anglo. Just sayin’

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Well Saxons aren't teutons, either

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Close, however.

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Too bad Hitler made so many blunders.

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Yeah but those peckers were too little. After the next parasite cleansing our statues must have large penis'