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It might look the same.

But it's not the same. You pick wrong and your child dies

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And sickle cell anemia.

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He guiz! Which one is B+? We're all the same underneath, right?

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B+? Why not A+?


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I can't believe what I'm hearing, are you a haemoglobinist? You are oppressing my blood type, you fascist!

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i forgot the link but maybe someone else can link the post where a bunch of people were giving shit to a blood drive as they said "looking for black donors" and everyone gave them shit like "what matters in on the inside, not outside BIGOT!!!!"

and the poor pr person had to go explain dna blood eukaryotes to a bunch of room temp IQ NPCs.

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Blood is compatible between races

while true that an african's o- will work in place of a european's o-, the drive was trying to get the word out to black donors as they knew that black people's blood would most likely work with other black people and they were running short on black people blood.

and by black people blood i mean "if 90% of black people are b+ black people blood are b+".

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Leukocyte, not eukaryotes. Well, technically a human as a whole is a eukaryote organism.

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I'm sure it was organ donors. I expect blood probably is fairly universal, but tissues will have different antigens based on the race of the donor that can significantly affect the likelihood of rejection in the recipient.

It was a Facebook post if I recall, bunch of dipshit women regurgitating "everyone is the same" rhetoric and being shut down very politely by the organiser. I'll see if I saved it...

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i was wrong, this guy found the link i was talking about.

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Pick the bone marrow.

Pick from the wrong color and you'll die.

Pick the stem cells.

Pick from the wrong color and you'll die.

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what is still a fail in this meme is the "non racist creator" of this meme assumed the racist to be white... that means he himself is racist

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/pol/. 0 fucks given.

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