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Leave out that crap at the bottom, the full chan guys are going with a simple "Happy Hanukkah!", it's more effective.

Oh, and no, I can't spell "hanukkah" correctly because I am not a kike.

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How about "happy Hanukkkah"

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Ok but its important that it is done in reply to "hello fellow whites" posts so I think some context is relevant till everyone is on board. Don't use the echoes though, that is a giveaway to the true intentions.

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I give the left 2 months before they become paranoid, assuming this catches on.

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Think about it this way: Hanuk- kah. Simplest way for me to remember the spelling

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the fuck lmao

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Good bot

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Best Chan ploy I've seen in a while. Keep it up men of Voat and 4Chan.

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5D chess

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its from full not half.

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This is a good idea. Once this one runs its course, we should all claim to be Jewish. Say we've converted our religion. If they kvetch and say Jewish is a race, play dumb. Say you see many Jews that you like and respect (list an actor or celebrity) who is Jewish but also claim to be white.

In short, we should subvert them just as hard as they subvert us.

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Phase 2. I like it!

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Noah P. Coincidenceberg

Fukin LOL

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I think they may have done it wrong. The point was to only do it in response to "fellow white people".

It's supposed to be a response for jewing they should already feel bad about. Don't just find every Jew on twitter and wish them a happy hanukkah. That's actually being nice.

Although maybe this is where I show myself to be less anti-semite than the average here. Maybe the jews who don't jew on twitter should be wished a happy hanukkah. It does though, defeat the effort of pointing out zionists with double standards.

Even if this guy is jewing you have to do it in response to something specific. It should be a reply, not a mention.

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Yes, it should be used primarily as a response to "fellow white people" posts and articles. However, this will be more effective if we also say it whenever we run into a Jew, regardless of context. I know the left likes to use the buzzword "dog whistle", but this strategy actually is one, and a very good one at that. On the surface it's a polite greeting, nothing wrong with that at all. But it does to crucial things that using more direct language would get you censored:

  • Points out to normalfags that every "fellow white person" spouting anti-European vitriol is (((coincidentally))) a Jew.
  • Signals to the Jews that we know who exactly they are, we don't mistake them for one of our own.

Remember, Jews are terrified of being outed as such. Even the ones that don't hide their Jew blood don't like it being brought up when they don't want it to. They'll expect responses on their articles, videos, and posts because they're inviting a retaliation with their verbal attack and anti-European propaganda. What they aren't expecting is the random bloke passing them on the street to spot them and call them out. That will scare them, and make them become paranoid much more quickly than some snarky comments on a news article or tweet string.

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I've seen this kind of response a few times and I want to comment on it. This isn't about you specifically by the way.

There seems to be this belief that there is this 'Good Jew/Bad Jew' divide. Let me tell you what I think. There is indeed a 'Good Jew/Bad Jew' thing going on, but it's akin to the 'Good Cop/Bad Cop' routine, in that one plays good, one plays bad, but ultimately they are both trying to get you to do, say, or give them what they want. They stick together. If you don't know this by now, you should. If you're one of them trying to defend, then you already know this - but plenty of us know this too.

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Wait until july, see if he is still not offended.

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I have been using "IT'S OKAY TO BE JEWISH"

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The 1488 in Unicode is the best. Well done, Anon.

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