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Sunspots as far as I know are made by the magnetosphere of the sun.

The amount of constant solar wind coming off the sun is massive.

My guess would be that when the sun's magnetosphere starts acting weird, whatever effect it had in keeping bad solar storms from hitting earth is reduced, as well as whatever effects the sun's magnetosphere combines with earth's.

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How is earth's magnetosphere going to massively reduce because of bad solar storms? sure solar storms might overcome it, but why would it become fundamentally weaker?

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I'm half remembering something I saw several years ago about ... interaction between planets and the sun, especially the inner ones.

To the best of my memory, the earth's magnetosphere is mainly powered by the spinning solid iron core inside of the liquid iron one. But the sun's magneticfield directly interacts with it also, and this is the part I cant remember.

I don't know if it messes with the speed or what. But when you have a powerful magnet/electromagnet in a system, if you reduce that then the total energy in the system should be lower.

I may be completely wrong. Best of luck! :)