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You can’t have a convo because their minds only work spewing the same talking points

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The term lurks the background of /pol/ for many years, then all at once starts getting spammed on every board 24/7. I call psyop.

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Sheep that are for better or worse simple robots and go about their lives inside their own closed worlds. Its the evolved form of the high school edge-lord's that sit around watching the happy couples and social people thinking to themselves "I am the only conscious thinking individual here" mentality.

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think of it this way: if life is a simulation, what if niggers are NPCs who respond only to emotions and not words?

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Take a look around, most people sort of flow along with the currents of life. These people don't really make their own destiny, and thus are NPC's.

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It's a psyop designed to induce psychosis.

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NPC is the kid talk for not politically correct. I know it said so on fox news.

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